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Time to start getting ready for Uni!

By JForrester 01 Jul 2021

Although it's a super exciting time (and maybe a little nervewracking) it's also time to start preparing yourself for a big lifestyle change.

To help get you prepared, we've made a list of things you should do to get ready for your new life at UWE

1. Pay attention to arrivals info 

You're going to get sent a lot of information about arrivals and it's important you pay attention to this so you know exactly what to do when you get there. Keep an eye on your emails as this is the main way that Accommodation Services will contact you. You don't want to be a lost puppy dog when you get here...

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2. Find out what services UWE has to offer

It's a good idea to have a look at what services UWE has to offer before you arrive, so you know where to turn to, should you need some extra help.

  • Wellbeing
    The Wellbeing service is here to help you with your mental health needs and personal development
  • Money and Finance 
    MAFs provide helpful advice on how to manage your money from useful budgeting tools and getting part-time work, to help with dealing with debt.
  • Library 
    The hub of both Glenside and Frenchay campuses, you'll be spending a lot of time here
  • Global Services 
    If you are an international student this is the place to go for practical support, events and more.
  • Students' Union at UWE 
    Coming to UWE means being part of a whole new exciting community. The SU provides you with activities, events and a ton of opportunities. It's run by student for students and here to support you in your time at UWE

There are lots of other services at UWE find out about them all here.

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3. Set up a student bank account

You're going to need somewhere to put all that cash if you don't already have a bank account. Student accounts are made to help you figure out your money and they'll come with an interest free overdraft for emergencies too. Spend wisely though!

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4. Determine your budget

Whether or not you have a student loan, grant, or your parents helping you out, it's important to work out a budget beforehand.

It's far too easy to spend lots of money when you first get to uni and then find yourself living off one loaf of bread for a few weeks. The Money and Finance Service are on hand to help you with anything money - from money management and budgeting, to advice on emergency funds, to student loans,  be sure to visit their page or book in with an advisor if you need support. Blackbullion is another nifty & Free tool available to help you with money matters.

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5. Get a check-up at the doctors

Make sure you're in tip-top shape and have all your immunisations. It will save you a lot of time and hassle doing it before you get to uni.

It's worth registering with a GP in Bristol before you move because it's a lot of hassle to do when you're full of Freshers Flu! 

There is a health centre on Frenchay campus which you can join before you arrive or the Old School Surgery is conveniently close if you are living on Glenside campus.

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6. Get your rail and bus card

This is going to save you a shed load of money, trust me!

  • 16-25 Rail Card 
    When you want to visit your pals at a different uni or take a trip home this card will give you 50% off fares.
  • First Bus
    First Bus is the main bus provider in Bristol, from the bus interchange on campus you can get busses all around the city. If you are living in campus it might not be worth be worth buying the heavily discounted termly pass but it's something to consider if you need to travel for work. Whatever you choose its worth having a look at the discounts before you arrive

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6. Join your halls Facebook page

As soon as you've figured out where you will be living, find and join your accommodation's Facebook page. There will be useful information on there to help you with your first few steps at uni, and you might be able to find some people you'll be living with. Find your halls Facebook group here.

Don't forget to join your UWE Accommodation Instagram (@UWEHallsLife) & Twitter (@UWEAccom) , where you can find out everything from all the great events that are happening on campus to any student friendly jobs and maybe even bag yourself a few freebies.

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7. Research your new home

Unless you are super laid back and adventurous, you probably research a new country before you travel to it, right? Use the next couple of months to find interesting places in your new city and think of where you'll visit once you arrive in your new stomping ground.

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8. Go shopping

It's time to hit Ikea! Depending on the type of person you are, this could be VERY exciting or your worst nightmare. Check out our list of the things that you need to bring with you.

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