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Feel Good February - 31 Ways to relax, as suggested by you!

By JForrester 08 Feb 2021

For Feel Good February, we asked what makes you feel Zen and how you like to relax. Here's what you came up with .....

1. Taking a break with a hot drink

Sick Hot Mess GIF by Denyse®

2. Having a moment with your fave songs

rihanna dancing GIF

3. Loosing yourself in a good book

Book Club Cat GIF

4. You-tube yoga and free Centre for Sport classes

Yoga Plants GIF by Ash Sta. Teresa

5. Self-care days - Got to look after number 1!

Love Yourself Lol GIF by Shalita Grant

6. Face masks and films

Nbc Relaxing GIF by Sunnyside

7.Catching up with you nearest and dearest

Virtual Hug GIF

8. Long walks .. deep in thought

Deep Thoughts Walk GIF by Nick

9.Throwing on your comfy jumpers and fluffy socks! 

fall 2014 ashley olsen GIF by fashgif

10. Warm showers and hot baths!

Bath Self Care GIF by Crystal Hills Organics

11. Fruit bowls and healthy snacks

fruit eating GIF by Miley Cyrus

12. Mood lighting, aka everyone's favourite - fairy lights 

Pipercreations Christmas Holidays Cat Tree Bulbs Sparkle Joy Art GIF

13. Painting - especially sunsets

ocean sunset GIF

14. Bike rides in the countryside

Shaun The Sheep Eating GIF by Aardman Animations

15. Windsurfing with the UWE windsurfing society! Check them out here!

Windsurfing Patrik GIF by AALVAA Media

16. Meditating -  finding your inner peace

zen yoga GIF by Mod Sun

17. Flat baking days - who's wants cake?

great british baking show GIF by PBS

18. A spot of indoor weight training

Agatsu kettlebell kettlebells agatsu kettlebell press GIF

19. Gaming with friends ... Who's up for Mario Cart?

Video Games Nbc GIF by The Office

20. Hot choc and marshmallows when its raining outside

Bored Art GIF by Caroline Attia Studio

21. Daydreaming :) Where's your happy place?

napoleon dynamite thinking GIF

22. Soppy movies (the notebook)

ryan gosling love GIF

23. Playing in the snow - when we're lucky enough to have it.

Rolling Tian Tian GIF

24. Taking part in HallsLife activities - We're happy you said that :) 

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25. Sharing your happiness and worries

PeninsulaHumaneSocietySPCA dogs sharing shelter sharing is caring GIF

26. Kids colouring books (way more fun than adult ones)

heart love GIF

27. Jamming on the guitar

jimi hendrix guitar GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

28. Journaling or painting

Journaling Confessions Of A Broken Heart GIF by Lindsay Lohan

29. Clay modelling with the flat fam! How cute!?

head penguin GIF

30. Sleep, zzzzzzz. Everyone loves a good nap.

sleep spring GIF by Pusheen

31. Comfort food! Mmmmm ....vegan chicken nuggs

Chicken Nuggets Pizza GIF

32. Cranking up the vinyl (mostly Harry Style's)

record player jazz GIF by Vinyl Me, Please

33. Netflix - of course! Reality TV, House MD?

one more netflix GIF

34. Flat dinner party time

dinner party ashe GIF by Louis The Child

35. Did someone say flat - fancy dress?

outfit wtf GIF by Much

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