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Vice President for Welfare (RGU)

By RGrant 10 Feb 2021

Hi, I am Greg Millar, recently appointed Vice President for Welfare. I got the opportunity to take on this role at the start of the year, after it had been vacant for some time. Before I became Vice President I was already working with the local student tenant union on issues of student housing and rent so it made sense to me to take on a position representing students welfare at RGU.

Student Welfare Campaigns

In this role, I work closely with the President for Education and Welfare on campaigns around supporting students mental and sexual health. I work with all the Union’s networks to advance student liberation movements and to promote the services at RGU which support student welfare. Clearly, this pandemic has presented new challenges and exacerbated existing ones within our student community, such as tackling social isolation and uncertainty surrounding accommodation. Resolving these concerns falls within the outline of my role too. 

Here For You

It is important to emphasise that RGU:Union are here for you, the students.

Student Mental Health

The manifesto I stood on had a keen focus on student mental health and welfare. My aim is to ensure that mental health support at RGU is robust, especially when we are studying remotely. I also want to emphasise to students who are struggling with their mental wellbeing the importance of seeking help now. Mental health support is always a priority, don’t risk waiting for this pandemic to end to speak to someone about your anxieties. I stress this as someone who has only recently started talking about my own mental health, after putting it off for some time.

Volunteer Services

In line with this aim, I am also committed to working closely with the great student volunteers at RGU. To promote services like Nightline and Peer support which offer a safe space for students to talk openly about their feelings. 

It is important students feel represented, so I want to help advance the student liberation movements here at RGU. I especially want to make sure that the university environment is a safe space for Trans people. Transphobia is a stain on our society, it has no place here at our university or anywhere else.

Financial Assistance

Lastly, I appreciate financial stress is a huge concern right now, which is why I am committed to backing the NUS Scotland’s call for a comprehensive financial package to support students impacted by the Scottish Government’s COVID guidelines. I’m pleased that the university is offering rent rebates to students in RGU halls until in-person teaching begins as well as reducing notice periods to 7-days. However, I am also determined to ensure that there is adequate support for students who are in private halls as this is a key step in looking after the mental and financial welfare of all students. 

And so, I am committed to making sure that the mental health of students is supported as best as it can be, it is essential given the gravity of the current situation we all live in. I want to thank the Student Help Point and Student Life teams for their rguhere4u campaign and for reaching out to me to write this article. I also want to thank the Counselling and Wellbeing team for all the work they have done over this pandemic. I would encourage students to use the services at RGU if they are struggling with their mental health or need to talk. In my own experience they are accessible, welcoming and beneficial. 

Contact Me

If you have any welfare concerns please feel free to contact me at

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