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Your Guide to Study Spaces

By AmyLibrary 14 Sep 2020

Look, we get it. Studying is hard. It's hard to start, it's hard to know when to stop, and it's really hard to find a good space to study (especially if your flatmates have decided to have a massive rager the night before your essay is due in...)

But look no further! We've got a handy guide of all the study spaces available to you in the LRC. We've got the different types of spaces, what they're best suited for and what kind of studiers might use that space. So buckle up for a study sesh that is completely catered to you.

Open Access Area

a desktop computer sitting on top of a table

The Open Access Area is our main bank of terminals (computers) in the LRC. It stretches from just past the service desk to the very back of the West end of the shelves. You can eat food (bring it with you, buy it here, or get something delivered to you), drink (appropriate liquids) and chat with friends (bring them with you, buy them here, or get them delivered...) We do ask however that you keep chat to a respectable level and don't take any loud mobile phone calls while you're here. 

This space is great for individual study or sitting with a few friends to work on your revision or essays or presentations.

If you're someone who needs a bit of background noise while you study or likes the idea of sitting with your friends but working on your own stuff, this space is perfect for you. 

Rapid Access Corridor

This area is intended for short term use of the terminals, i.e. logging in to check your emails or submit an assignment. However, for some reason unknown to us, people actually like sitting on these stools for a long time. What gives, guys? Are you bringing your own pillows? I mean, that's totally allowed but we're partial to the soft swivel chairs elsewhere in the LRC. Enough about chairs. Same rules apply as the Open Access Area, no excessive noise and no mobile phone calls.

This area is good for short term use of the terminals, or as previously mentioned, long and slightly uncomfortable use of the terminals.

This is the perfect space if you need something else to look at now and then, since it has a nice view of the atrium and the "how it's made" parade of Starbucks drinks.

Quiet Study Rooms

There are quiet study rooms in both the East and West of the LRC. These rooms have terminals and desk spaces with sockets for using your own devices. There is absolutely no talking in these rooms, although eating and drinking is permitted, but be reasonable with this. If you find that someone is inside the rooms and is talking, you can use our noise alert text system to report this and a member of staff will try to deal with this discreetly. It usually involves us coming in and quietly reminding everyone, in our best librarian tones, that this is a quiet room. You know, given the big signs on the wall and the doors. Quiet. Room. 

These rooms are great for some serious, peaceful studying and there's plenty of empty desk space to utilise.

They are perfect for people who need a bit of silence to study. 

Group Study Rooms

We have six group study rooms in the LRC. These are all bookable through the room bookings system and MUST be booked in advance before use. *Slaps door of study room* These bad boys can fit up to 10 students in them comfortably. (*Slaps Browzer article* This bad boy can fit so many 'hello fellow kids' references into it...)

The rooms are sometimes referred to by students as the 'fishbowls' because they all have a big window that it's super hard not to look into when you're walking past. But that just means that even if your lecturer doesn't know that Josh didn't come to a single group meeting but still gets to pass the module because it was marked as a group effort, everyone who walks by the room knows. We know, Josh. 

These rooms are great for group study and contain a PC, projector with sound and a table with plenty of pace and sockets for your own devices. Get in there and get weird with it. We want to see mind maps the length of the table discussing your research strategies, we want to know you're getting an A on that group presentation on the oeuvre of Hitchcock!

Individual Study Rooms

There are six individual study rooms in the East of the LRC. These must be booked before using. They also, as would hopefully be determined by the title, should only be used by ONE student at a time. Stop moving the furniture and squeezing in here, it cannot be comfortable. There's also no talking allowed in these rooms, and they are subject to the same text alert system as the quiet rooms. 

These rooms were a bit bland before. Some described them as cupboards, some described them as coffins. I preferred to think of them as tiny study session caves, giving a whole new meaning to the term sesh gremlin. The writer of this article, me, spent the majority of their spare time this summer break HAND PAINTING cute little motivational posters for each room, WASHI TAPING the legs of some tiny lamps and RESEARCHING silent clocks to buy so the noise wouldn't annoy users of the room. Not that I need any recognition, I do it for you because we want you to have a good time. Just saying that if you're in the room and you feel it's lovely, send your praise my way. 

These rooms are perfect if you want to get away from all distractions and hide yourself away in an unbelievably cute and tastefully decorated space. 

Honorable Mentions

Those are our most frequently used spaces and the ones we feel you'd get the most benefit out of knowing more about. However, we do have some other spaces available for other uses. 

There are several soft seating areas in the LRC that you can, funnily enough, sit on for whatever reason you please.

We also have our Ad-Hoc study room which can be used by groups of students but isn't bookable. Multiple groups can study in here at any time, as well as individual students. 

You can also sit on the floor, lots of you do. Again, not sure why but whatever floats your boat.

And lastly, but most importantly, at the end of the Open Access Area, we have our coveted purple couch. A high backed, pod-like seat that you have to be early for if you want it. Territorial growling and marking of scent is discouraged. 



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