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The ResLife Team

By 25 Jul 2018

In Accommodation Services we have a dedicated ResLife team who are committed to making your experience living on campus the best one ever! The team consists of a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and a team of ResLife Assistants (RLAs). The team is are here to provide you with a very important network of welfare support and services to help you successfully adapt to and enjoy life on campus. 

Residence Life Coordinator

Your ResLife programme is managed and organised by your RLC, who is a full time member of University staff. They are employed specifically to help you enjoy and get the most from your time living on campus. The main duties of your RLC are:

  • To welcome you on arrival and help you settle into your accommodation.
  • To manage the organisation of events included in the ResLife community programme and encourage you to get actively involved with life on campus.
  • To provide you with a residential pastoral care service and offer help and guidance on all aspects of living and studying at university.
  • To address antisocial behaviour and mediate any inter-tenant issues that may occur.

Your RLC can be found in the Accommodation Services office during weekday office hours in the reception area of Block A.  You are welcome to pop in for a chat in person or you can send them an email.

Residence Life Assistants

When you arrive on campus your flat will be looked after by one of our dedicated RLAs, who are experienced, outgoing and friendly students also living within the residences. They will visit your flat regularly throughout semester to check you are all ok and offer you any assistance or advice that you may need. They are here to support you in any way that they can so if you ever have a problem, no matter how small, you’ll always have someone to speak to, day or night.

The main duties of our RLAs are:

  • To provide a nightly and weekend drop-in service where you can call in and discuss any residential issue you feel you need help.
  • To offer support if you feel lonely or homesick and need encouragement to join in and meet new people.
  • To organise and deliver an exciting ResLife social programme and help you get involved with and feel part of our lively campus community.

If you want to speak to one of the RLAs they can be found at the Accommodation Services reception in block A every evening from 6pm-8pm and additionally from 2pm-3pm at the weekend.

Interested in becoming a ResLife Assistant?

Being a RLA is a great way to get involved in halls.  And you get paid too! If you are interested in getting involved as a ResLife Assistant in the future please speak with your ResLife Coordinator. We begin the recruitment process in March each year. 


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