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Worldwide remedies you NEED for Freshers' Flu

By FreshSocial 07 Sep 2018

Good old Freshers' Flu...

You can try to avoid it but unfortunately, you're going to catch it! As long as you get your Meningitis vaccination before you move to university, you don't need to worry about it being anything more serious than common flu. 

You'll hear lots of tips about how to recover but why not try some natural remedies from different places all over the world? You'll probably have most of the things in your kitchen too. Some are interesting but trust us, when you're rough, you'll try pretty much anything!

The Colombians swear by 'stinky things' to clear that blocked nose and have you back to normal in no time. This means crushing garlic, bay leaves and nutmeg together and having the occasional sniff... nice!

A key ingredient in Indian dishes is turmeric but they don't just use this in cooking. The spice has plenty of health benefits including improving your mood, clearing your skin and most importantly, fighting flu. You can buy turmeric capsules from places like Holland & Barratt

When you're feeling ill and full of flu, you need something packed with vitamins that will help you recover. That's why Iranians eat mashed turnips when they'll ill - high in vitamin C and will help to soothe a sore throat. 

Jamaica is known for a lot more than Usain Bolt and good food. They swear by rum and lime juice to help you recover from flu to 'sweat it all out'. No, this doesn't mean just treating yourself to some rum-based cocktails during happy hour!

It'd be great if we told you that you just need to indulge in Japanese food, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, it isn't as nice as that. In Japan, they chop up a raw onion to smell over a short period of time to make your nose swell and run. It unblocks your sinuses, put it that way...

This Scottish remedy goes way back. Seamen were told to drink nettle tea and go for a walk to breathe in the sea air. So, if you're studying somewhere along the sea, once Freshers' Flu strikes, get your walking shoes on and go enjoy the great British outdoors.

Another country who are strong advocates of garlic is South Africa where it's believed to be 'like a natural antibiotic'. Try grinding garlic and adding it to pretty much everything you cook. South Africans swear by garlic and ginger soup before bed to fight the flu whilst you sleep.

This Ukrainian-originated remedy isn't the best thing you'll ever drink but it does its job. To make gogol mogol, you need to whisk an egg yolk, a bit of honey, butter and half a cup of warm milk together and just down it! It's said to ease your sore, scratchy throat. 

Try a couple of these and see if they help you out. Your flu should last no more than a fortnight but if it's around longer then head to your local GP.

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