What type of student are you?

By FreshSocial 28 Sep 2016

A huge part of university life is meeting and getting to know new people...

You'll meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries. Some you'll live with, some will probably become your best friends and some you'll just admire from a distance, but which are you?

Let's take a look at 8 types of people you're bound to encounter...

  1. Mother Hen
    This Domestic Goddess is always trying to keep the flat homely and tidy. Relationship advice? Exam stress? Or simply can't do your laundry? They'll welcome you with open arms, top tips and a breadth of good advice.
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  2. The Host
    They might not be organised when it comes to their course but for social events, they are on the ball. They're great at rounding up the troops and have card games, plastic cups, playlists, and taxis at the ready. Social events wouldn't be the same without them (and they know it)!
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  3. The Gym Enthusiast
    Easily identifiable by their monster-size tubs of protein. If they aren't at the gym they're talking about it, but if you need a spur of motivation, they'll give you an OTT level of encouragement (and a workout routine to go with)
    time gym
  4. The Quiet One
    They're in bed and up early every day, and any time they don't spend in lectures is in the library. They're the person around exam time that we wish we'd have been throughout the year, and are without a doubt the person we want to be with for group tasks. Structured and motivated.
    I Hate Being Single no work broad city single
  5. The Party Animal
    Everyone likes a good night out but this person takes it to the extreme, and quite frankly, we're in awe of how they keep it going! They're the Duracell battery of the group, going out every night and partying until the lights come on.
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  6. Mr/Miss Connected
    A 10-minute walk across campus with this person turns into half an hour as you'll stop several times to talk to everyone you pass. They know everyone and you'll never work out how.
    high five ben stiller heavyweights
  7. The Mischievous One
    The one that cannot be trusted but is super fun to be around (if you aren't at the brunt of their latest trick). That constant cheeky grin means you are always prepared to enter your room and find it upside down or wrapping papered up...BANTER.
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  8. The Lazy One
    They'll surface for the occasional group outing, but otherwise, you'll hardly see them. Venturing into the depths of their cave, expect to be consumed by darkness and takeaway boxes. You'll also find a human-shaped dent in the mattress from where they haven't moved all year.
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Spotted any of these yet? We can guarantee you will soon!

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