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What's there to do near Frenchay Campus?

By FrenchayRAs 18 Feb 2020

Recently, I have been asked what is there to do near UWE Frenchay Campus, so I decided to create this article about all my favourite places to go and things to do.

Get some fresh air at Snuff Mills

I must start with my favourite place, Snuff Mills. This is a nature reserve that leads onto endless trails and beautiful sceneries. The reason why I love it here is because when I first moved to Bristol it was definitely a bigenvironmental change from where I grew up

At home, I am a 20 minute drive away from the beach and mountains so coming to a fast pace city like Bristol was amazing but I missed the long walks that my home town offered! Snuff Mills is literally a 5 minute bus journey away from Frenchay campus, you can take the 48A. Or, if you’re feeling energetic you can walk through Stoke Park that leads you very close to the entrance of Snuff Mills.

When I discovered Snuff Mills I couldn’t get enough, especially during summer it is the perfect place to take a disposable BBQ. Half way through the trail you can walk up to the massive park and devour an ice cream from the van that you earned after all of that walking!

Or take a walk through Stoke Park

I mentioned Stoke Park above, you must have seen that massive Yellow Mansion in the distance on the motorway before?! Well, that's Stoke Park. Last year, my housemate and I took a picnic and revised all day here, it was so peaceful and revising in a different setting can be so beneficial! Trust me!

Travel a bit further afield 

Have you and your friends been considering a day trip or even a weekend away? Cardiff is the perfect city to visit! Return bus tickets are only £5 with the MegaBus and the MegaBus literally picks you up and drops you off at Frenchay Campus! The bustling city has gorgeous architecture and lots of history.

I especially recommend a visit to the Castle and the gardens behind – these are beautiful! There is also a massive ice rink, Ice Arena Wales and the International Swimming pool filled with crazy slides near Cardiff Bay. You can also book a boat ride at Cardiff Bay which is super cheap and fun!

For those of you who are foodies ......

Perhaps you’re a food lover and want find out about local restaurants and takeaways  take a 10 minute walk to Cheswick Village. Here, there is the famous café, ‘Boston Tea Party’, known for their delicious brunches – perfect before a busy day! In this village there is also a fish and chips, and a Chinese, Hao Wei, who I’m pretty sure deliver to Frenchay Campus for free! Also, on Fishponds road are many non-chain restaurants, I love the dessert place called ‘Zyka’ who serve lush crepes and waffles for a cheap price! Again, from Frenchay Campus you’d get the 48A.

On Fishponds and Gloucester road there is a café named Grounded, they do amazing coffee and fresh drinks. They also have so great deal and  and cheap fresh pizzas that are a must have! Talking about Pizzas, the best place to go for pure Italian, fresh, massive pizzas is ‘L'osteria’. I think it is roughly £11 for a pizza there; seriously, you cannot go wrong! L'osteria is based in Bristol City Centre, in Quakers Friars.

How about a movie night ?

For a movie night head to the Showcase Cinema in Cabot Circus, where you can get the M1 or M3 bus to. There is also a cinema, the Vue, in Cribbs Causeway, heading in the opposite direction to Cabot Circus, however there is also shops, restaurants and even bowling here too! You can also get the M1 bus to Cribbs Causeway.

Rock climbing at Bradley Stoke

On the way to Cribbs Causeway there is a village named ‘Bradley Stoke’ there is a huge leisure Centre here where you can go swimming and rock climbing! I went swimming here before and the staff are very friendly and happy to help!

I hope you try out some of my suggestions and enjoy exploring new places in Bristol!

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