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What's it like studying abroad? Top tips from our Frenchay RA

By FrenchayRAs 31 Jul 2019

Heres some great advice from our Resident Assistant Nathan, about Studying abroad. Nathan lived in Wallscourt Park last year & was studying for a masters in  Engineering 

Studying abroad is an experience that will change your life forever as you will grow a lot by living far away from your family. Living in a different country can be difficult for people who have only just graduated from high school. You might have lived with their parents for their whole life, been taken care of by parents all the time. Studying abroad is a time to learn to be independent.

From the very basics like shopping groceries, cooking for yourself and making new friends to more advanced like taking care of yourself when you get sick, getting yourself ready before entering the adult world, these are all things that you are going to go through as a student studying abroad. Yes, it is perfectly normal to feel home-sick; yes, it is perfectly normal to struggle in the very beginning of the term, but there are things that you can do to overcome such fears and anxiety.

Firstly, don’t feel like as you are at university, you are obligated to be independent right away. 

It is understandable to call back to your family through Skype or Facetime when you miss them. Your parents might not say it aloud but the chances are they miss you too so do not hesitate to call back and catch up.

Secondly, there are a lot of ways to know new friends quickly 

Apart from course mates that you spend a lot of contact hours with. You can join societies run by people who come from your home country. There is always a freshers’ fair at the beginning of the each year, in the fair, there will be stand from every society at the university, you can sign up to whichever you find interested in. Apart from the society that represent your home country, it is also recommended to sign up for some sports club. Time passes very quickly when you are enjoying sports. It is also an easy way to know friends as well.

Thirdly, having some cooking lessons from your parents before you come to university

You might not need to cook at all at home as food is always ready waiting for you. Cooking skills is a must-know in university, it is simply impossible to eat out every single meal. Therefore having cooking lessons from your parents could help a lot in terms of surviving through the university life. Even if you miss the chance to have some lessons from your parents, fear not, BBC Good Food is your best friend. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes on the website for you to choose from. Starting from the easy one then proceed to some more advanced one then after you finish university, you will become a Masterchef.

Finally, do seek help from the university whenever there is doubts

There are different people at the university willing to provide help, people who deal with accommodation, finance, studies, physical and mentalhealth. Do not keep it in you and try to deal with it on your own.

Studying abroad ✈️✈️ could be experience that a lot of you guys have dreamt of for a long time and now you have a chance to experience that yourself. Enjoy your time as a student and work hard, play hard 😄

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