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What to expect at Freshers 2019

By CSmith 05 Sep 2019

It's the week everyone talks about, the week that you will never forget. Freshers. Who wouldn't be excited?

Freshers week is what everyone is buzzing for before they start their course - a time to mingle, get used to your surroundings and of course have an amazing time.


Freshers Events

It's going to be busy. Freshers is everywhere! There are so many freshers events on and outside campus, it's hard to keep up! But at least there is never a shortage of parties! From pizza parties to discos and white T-shirt raves, there is so so much to do that there is something for everyone. To make it even easier for new students, you can find the freshers even list on the UWE website.

Tip :  Even if you aren't the wildest party animal out there, try to go to as many welcome/freshers events as you can! It's a great way to meet new people before you start studying, to bond with your flatmates and get to know the area.


The Student Union

Being on campus is a bit of a blessing in freshers. The Student Union (The SU) has so much going on you could pretty much just turn up and there's an event going on or being prepared for! Most of the events are free too so it won't cut into your student budget too much at all and there are some events that give out free food ... who doesn't love a freebie?

Even though there are many freshers events outside of campus, if you don't want to go too far away from your flat, The SU is a great choice and you will most definitely bump into friendly faces who live on campus with you!

Freshers Fair

It's not just welcome events and freshers parties in store! The Freshers Fair brings together  all sorts of societies and groups, as well as local companies on stalls with student offers and freebies.

Sports, societies and networks all join together to show new students what's on offer at UWE. You can sign up or even just ask questions! There is no pressure but its so great to learn about everything that is on offer for you at UWE.


However you spend your freshers, remember to have fun, let loose and just be yourself. It's the beginning of your journey at UWE, so enjoy!