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#Jan starters - Settling in

By JForrester 16 Dec 2020

You may be feeling over-whelmed about moving to university – that's ok, it’s a big change. What you’re feeling is normal, and the people around you will be feeling the same way. UWE Bristol is full of support teams that are here to help you settle in. 

Maybe you’re returning to campus and you’re not sure what to expect in the mist of coronavirus? Student Space is here to help. It’s a collaborative mental health programme, created to support students through the unique circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

For now, we’ve put together some handy top-tips to help you settle in and manage your stress whilst at university. 

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1. Make your uni room your own

You may feel nervous about coming to university and moving away from home. For many of you, it will be your first time living independently. Putting your own personal touch on your university room will create a positive environment which will make it feel more like home.  

Why not take a look at our moving in page, here to offer you advice and guidance when moving into accommodation. 

2. Introduce yourself 

This may sound simple, but it’s really effective and can make a big difference. Introduce yourself and smile – whether this is walking around your accommodation/campus, in your classes or at a welcome event. Having just one conversation with someone will make you feel less worried and will bring your confidence right up. Remember, everyone is in the same boat and will want to make friends, so your little gesture could make their day.  

3. Getting to know your flatmates and people on your course 

When arriving at university, your flatmates may be the first people you meet which is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know who you’ll be living with. You could plan a night together as a flat/house doing something you all enjoy and will encourage chatting and having a laugh, whether this is getting a takeaway, cooking together, going on a night out or having a games night! However, don’t be put down if this does not happen! There is another place to meet new people, and this is on your course. The best part of this is that you already have one thing in common to talk about, your course

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4. Make a diary

When you first get to UWE Bristol, you may feel overwhelmed about everything that is going on in your welcome week or course induction. A great way to manage this is to get a diary or wall planner to make sure you’ve got all the key dates noted down – you don’t want to miss anything! 

5. Look into societies and sports clubs

We’ve got hundreds of societies and clubs you can join, and if there’s something you want to try that we don’t have listed, you can even start your own! Joining a club or society is a great way to make friends with like-minded people, and it can help you feel part of a student family. It’s also a great way to help you manage study stress. 

University is a great way to find a new hobby or passion, and many of our societies have taster sessions in the first couple of weeks, so why not go along and see if it’s for you? 

6. Get to know Bristol

If this is your first time living in Bristol, it will be a good idea to get to know what Bristol is all about to make you feel more at home. Bristol is a great vibrant city with so much going on, there is something for everyone! Going to events, nights out, going to some local eateries or cafes and visiting some sights such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge or Gloucester Road can be a wonderful way to make you feel comfortable in your city! Visit to find out all you need to know about Bristol! 

Check out visit Bristol to find out all you need to know about your new home. 

Managing Stress 

Stress can be caused by a number of different factors, such as homesickness, not knowing how to balance studies, worrying about exams and assessments and money management. This is normal, but if it starts to impact on everyday life, you can try some new coping mechanisms and strategies. 

  1. The first part of managing stress is realising when it’s become a problem and identifying what is causing it. Try and make a list and write down what is making you feel the way you are.
  2. If assignments and exams are getting too much, take time for yourself to relax. Read a book, take a walk, watch your favourite movie or chat to friends and family. You can also find some great tips, advice and workshops on our Study skills webpage.
  3. Exercising is an important way to let out stress and has been proven to have a positive impact on reducing stress and lifting your mood. Find something you enjoy and get going with it. This could be with part of your sports club, taking a nice walk, joining UWE gym, or taking part in exercise classes as part of Feel Good Fortnight! 
  4. Talk to someone. If you’re struggling to manage, there are teams across the University here to support you. Get in touch with a Student Support Adviser, chat with an Information Point or get in touch with our fantastic Wellbeing Service.
  5. Eat well! Fill your body with lots of nutritional goodness. Take a look at the recipes below for some mealtime inspiration.  

And for more advice, read through these blogs to find out how other students are dealing with their stresses: 

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