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UWE Accommodation Fire Drills

By UWEaccomm 09 Sep 2019

The Accommodation Services team will carry out Fire Drills in all UWE Accommodation during the first few weeks of your contract.

What happens during the fire drill:

  • Staff will activate the fire alarm system

  • Students vacate the building and will be directed to a member of staff located in the middle of the courtyard to register

  • After 4 mins from the start time of the evacuation, staff will enter the building to check the rooms where students have not vacated.

  • Once all staff have completed their safety checks of designated areas, the fire alarm system will be reset

  • You’ll be told when it is safe to re-enter.

Please note: access to the building will be denied until the fire alarm system is restored.

Examples of what staff will note during checking (further action may follow):

  • Fire vents not in place

  • Fire doors not closed

  • Tampering of smoke detectors

  • Cookers/hobs left on

  • Escape routes are not clear of items

  • Residents & visitors have evacuated the building.

You MUST evacuate within 4 minutes of the full alarm sounding. Each drill could last up to 20 minutes at a time, so we recommend that you grab a pair of shoes and a coat when evacuating!  

Why we check:

  • Fire safety

  • Legal requirement - Drill must be done at least once per academic year unless less than 80% of residents in each block don't evacuate resulting in a second drill.

  • Adhere to the UUK Code that UWE are signed up to

Who checks:

  • University staff who will be accompanied by a resident.

Once the fire drill is completed you may receive a visit from a member of the Accommodation team, be emailed advisory information or invited to a meeting if any fire safety concerns have been identified.  

Remember if the full fire alarm sounds turn off cookers/hobs and grills and evacuate the building in a safe and prompt manner.

We understand that this may cause you inconvenience however we would appreciate your cooperation to enable staff to complete the drill as quickly as possible.

Thank you for helping us keep you and your accommodation safe!