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7 Perfect Xmas Gifts

By GlensideRAs 01 Dec 2020

Stuck for ideas on what to send your friends for Xmas? These little gift ideas can go a long way to show them you still care and they won't break the student budget either.  

Send Them a Scrunchie 


"I miss you a bunchie, I hope you like your scrunchie" may be one of the cutest tag lines of all time. What better way to show your bestie that you haven't in fact forgotten about her, despite not texting her back in 3 days, than with a scrunchie from ELN. The scrunchies only cost a fiver and even better, all profits are donated to Women’s Aid. 

Long Distance Hugs


How appropriate, a socially distanced hug is exactly what your friend needs right now and it's only going to set you back £3.29. With hundreds of cards to choose from, a fast delivery time and the option to send it straight to them, Thortful makes it super easy to show your mates you care. 

Keep Them Safe 


Why not support upcoming artists by getting your fan friends their favourite character printed on this season's hottest accessory: a face mask. Redbubble has the best selection of masks for every interest. They range in price from about £10 to £12 but if you buy 4 you get a 20% discount. And who doesn't love Baby Yoda?! I'll have 12 please.  

Let them Eat Cake


Or in this case, biscuits. Biscuiteers will deliver the yummiest iced biscuits straight through your friend's letterbox and into their heart - or belly. Same thing right? A rainbow is bound to brighten their day. It costs £10 and 1 pound of that is going straight to the National Emergencies Trust, so if you're feeling philanthropic, this gift is the way to go. 

Keep it Local


Bristol we love you. The good news is that The Bristol Artisan is working hard to keep local designers afloat during these difficult times and what's more is 10% of their online orders are going to Age UK. We all know someone who would love a vegan soap, especially since beauty products are basically self-care (we think anyway). 

Give Them the Gift of Magic


Disney fans unite! If you're feeling really generous and you want to give your friends hours of entertainment you can always give them a subscription to Disney+. For £5.99 a month, it's a commitment, but it's one your friends will definitely thank you for.  

Use your Words

a woman talking on a phone

While these are all great gift ideas, nothing is going to quite compare to picking up the phone, calling or texting and reminding your friends that you care. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the best gift to true friends really is your friendship. 


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