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Staying Happy and Heathy in lockdown

By JForrester 22 Apr 2020

To be honest, I'm still getting my head around this strange situation we find ourselves in and at times I can't quite believe it's happening, whilst I'm definitely missing my friends, family and getting out and about, I'm also relishing a slower pace of life.

Not having to commute has given me much more time to concentrate on the things I enjoy and ditching the make-up and not having to worry about what I'm going to wear every morning has honestly felt quite liberating. Life has become a whole lot simpler. So here are a few ways I'm getting through (dare I say even enjoying) lockdown life.

Keep in touch 

There are so many ways to keep in touch with friends and family in these strange times- Zoom, Houseparty, Whatsapp or even a regular old phone call. So pencil in chats with your nearest and dearest every week, or if you’re feeling down just pick up the phone. Why not get creative with your weekly chats and hold a pub quiz, compete at a gaming challenge or maybe even hold fancy dress party.

If you’re an international student, the distance between yourself and others can be both metaphorically and literally further, whether you are still on campus or have returned home, UWE Global have organised on online Global Cafe, which takes place every Thursday and a UWEBIC online chat, that takes place every Wednesday, so you can keep in touch with all your pals!

HallsLife are putting on loads of virtual online activities for you too, so make sure you're regularly checking the events page in Browzer and your HallsLife Facebook page for all the details


Now is the time to try all those recipes that you've been too tired, too busy or let’s face it may be a bit too lazy (myself included) to try. We've been experimenting with loads of recipes, you can find them all on our Cookpad page or in the Food section of our Browzer site. Don't forget to follow UWE.HallsLife on cookpad and let us know what you're cooking.

At times like this, it’s really tempting to bake tons of cakes and goodies, which I admit, I have done, but experimenting with delicious healthy foods is just as satisfying.

Perfect the playlist

If you're anything like me, I can't live without music. Music and cleaning, music and working, music and cooking, music and well, anything and everything. My 1,000+  spotifiy playlist Is my own personal masterpiece, chronicling the last 10 or so years of my life, different songs have an amazing way of taking me back to different moments in my life and bringing back so many good memories, which at times like this is greatly welcomed.

So anytime you feel like you need a pick me up, stick on some tunes and reminisce.


I'm not very good with your typical mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga, but juggling is an activity that I find strangely mindful and a ton of fun, not to mention it keeps you active. You can use anything to juggle pieces of old clothes, loo rolls or fruit, which makes it a great social isolation activity. Although I must warn you, once you start you won’t be able to stop and before you know it you will have ordered a whole juggling kit off Amazon.

Bristol's very own Lucas Jet has some great tutorials on his YouTube site, but a quick search will bring a wealth of tutorials. Along with juggling you could also try poi, diablo and devilstick.

Work out 

It's really tempting to stick your feet up and melt into the sofa at times like this, but making some time for exercise is good for the body and soul. Get your dancing shoes on with UWE Dance, they've been livestreaming free classes and 'big nights' in every week.

UWE Bristol Sport are offering free classes, with everything from Yoga to Pilates and Circuits to Hiit, theres something for everyone. Check out their timetable  here.

If you can't tune in to the live sessions, then why not check out Hannah's Yoga and Meditation sessions here.

Amanda is hosting PT sessions every Monday and Thursday morning at 10am, if you can't make that time they will also be posted in the HallsLife Wallscourt Park facebook pages.

We also love Joe Wick's PE in the morning!

Working out has never been so convenient.

Livestream DJ sets and Gigs

I'm really missing live music and constantly crossing summer festivals out my diary has got me down, but the music industry has been adapting. Many artist are live streaming gigs and Ds  are recording sets from their homes

Songkick is a great app for tracking and following your favourite artist's livestream events and Boiler Room are releasing livestreams every week.

You could even stick a Boiler Room on and have a flat get together, just remember to be respectful to your neighbours!

a book shelf filled with books

Get lost in literature

Now is the time get reading, I can't remember the last time I read so much. Not having to worry about the daily commute and various social engagements (apart from my zoom chats of course) has meant that I can sit down and read a book without any interruptions.


Whilst I'm trying to use my time 'productively' sometimes there’s nothing better that putting my feet up and switching on Netflix. Need some ideas of what to watch - check out these.

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Get Arty

When the lockdown was announced, I thought fab, this is a perfect time to start kick-start some art projects. I bought clay, craft knifes, paints, paint brushes and anything I could get my hands on. I have a tendency to rush into things and this was a bit of a mistake, I now have craft supplies to last a decade. I'd recommend taking some time to scour the internet - Instagram and Pinterest are especially inspiring and find a project that you want to do and then get stuck in!

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This is a bit of a strange one, but who doesn't love a good daydream, there’s something so satisfying about simply drifting to wherever your mind takes you. So often were trying to reign in our thoughts because we're at work, at uni or with in the company of others.

So find yourself a spot in the garden or park yourself next to a window in a sunny spot and just take a few minutes. You could think about the holiday you're going to have when this has all passed, what you're having for dinner or just simply think about nothing. So peaceful.

Don't stress!

This is a worrying time, but the situation is out of your hands, so focus on the things you can change, rather than worry about the things you can't. Try and create a daily routine to help you get through the day, stay in touch with friends and family and make sure you're taking time to do things you enjoy in between studying.

If you are struggling make sure you reach out...

You can call or email accommodation services.

The Wellbeing team are also on hand to support you.

The Students' Union Advice Centre are open to give you advice

If you are on campus during the lockdown you may also want to join the UWE Campus Support Facebook Group.

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