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11 of the best Podcasts

By JForrester 28 Apr 2020

1. Joe Exotic : Tiger King

If like me, you absolutely couldn't get enough of Tiger King on Netflix, this is the podcast for you! With episodes featuring Carole Baskin herself and Joe's ex husband John dishing the dirt, this is the perfect pod' to nurse your Tiger King withdrawals.

If you haven't watched Tiger King (where have you been?) it follows Joe Exotic, a breeder of exotic animals at his Oklahoma zoo and his feud with Carol Baskin, no words can describe how utterly bonkers this podcast/show is!

Listen to Joe Exotic here

2.Grounded with Louis Theroux

Everyone’s favourite documentary maker/ journalist is back with a new podcast to get you through Lockdown. Every week he will be interviewing guest he's been longing to talk to.

Louis has explored Scientology, UFO's, Doomsday Preppers and loads of other crazy subjects in his documentaries so you can guarantee his podcast is going to be full of thought-provoking and crazy subject matter!

Listen to Grounded with Louis Theroux here

3. Serial

The golden oldie of podcasts for True Crime lovers! The first season of serial aired in 2014 and is one of the most downloaded podcasts ever!  

Sarah Koening's astoundingly detailed journalism and vivid storytelling will be sure to immerse you in each true story that is explored in the podcast.

Season 1 investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee. Season 2 follows American soldier Bergdahl who was held by the Taliban for 5 years, following this he was charged with desertion by the US government. Season 3 explores the criminal justice system through a Cleveland court.

Listen to Serial here

4.Desert Island Discs

If you were marooned on a desert island and could only take 8 tracks, a book and a luxury item, what would they be?

Listen to your favourite celebrity guests answer just that.

Listen to Desert Island Discs here

5. The Infinite Monkey Cage

Quantum worlds, conspiracy theories and dreaming. This Science podcast has explored just about everything. Hosted by none other than celebrity physicist Prof Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, this informative podcast has plenty of laughs along the way!

Listen to The Ultimate Monkey Cage here

6.The Adam Buxton Podcast

Comedian and Actor Adam Buxton is a household name and his hilarious interview style will keep you occupied and laughing through lockdown. 

Listen to the Adam Buxton podcast here

7. Science(ish)

From Star Wars to Get Out and Lord of the Flies to Westworld - this podcast looks at all your favourite books, films and series.

Scienceish is a Science podcast with a difference. This podcast takes a Sci-fi book or film and then explores the science behind the story. Hosted by Dr Micheal Brooks and Rick Edwards this is another podcast that will have you in stiches at the same time as blowing your mind.

Listen to Scienceish here

8. Dirty John

Another pod' for true crime fans. Everything seems amazing when Debra Newell meets her dream man, John Meehan, however in true podcast style things are not as they seem. When her family start investigating John, Debra's world is rocked.

Listen to Dirty John here

9. S-Town

This podcast has twists and turns galore, it follows John B who lives in a town he despises - Woodstock Alabama. This podcast starts with a murder that never actually took place, that’s all the info I'm giving you right now, prepare to be flabbergasted.

Listen to S-Town here

10. Distraction Pieces with Sroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip has had everyone on his show from Romesh Ranganathan to Katherine Ryan to Karl Pilkington, it's one of the fastest growing podcasts and we can see why. There’s points where this podcast covers deep topics like mental health and race, but is also going to leave you in stitches. A great conversational all-rounder!

Listen to Scroobius Pips Distration Pieces here

11. The Ricky Gevais show

So not strictly a podcast, but this will surely bring a smile to your day! I like to listen to these you tube clips just as I would do a podcast.

Karli Pilkington treats us all to his little nuggets of wisdom and is laughed along by Ricky Gevais and Bristol's very own Steven Merchant!

Listen on YouTube

Happy listening!!

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