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Turbocharge your memory

By BzBarlow 19 Apr 2017

In today's modern age we have very little reason to remember things...

Why? Because where our grandparents had to remember directions, meeting times, and even phone numbers, we have all this information stored in our phones! 

And if we don't? Well, we're only a text or Google away from finding the answers...

But how do you think this will this fare when your memory matters, like in exams? It's time to ditch our digital dependence and master our memories!

  1. Get a routine, and stick to it
    Getting up at the same time every day can improve energy levels and productivity, which in turn will improve your concentration and memory.

    For those everyday things, get into the habit of doing them at the same time e.g. taking tablets or putting your keys in the same place when you leave your room. It'll put you in a routine so you'll never forget!
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  2. Be loud and proud: use your senses
    Whether it's vital information or something simple like a favour for a friend, say it out loud three times. By letting your ears register the information you increase your chance of remembering later.
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  3. Stick-it to forgetting things
    Write information on post-it notes and stick them EVERYWHERE. Around your mirror? On your laptop screen? Those instant reminders will mean you won't miss that hair appointment again!

    Where your course is concerned, associate topics with specific areas of your room. So, when it comes to your exam, just think of the spot and you'll be surprised how quick the answers come.
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  4. Sleep on it
    A 90-minute nap during the day will help reduce interference, the brain's resistance to learning new things. Give it a go whenever your brain feels fried...
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  5. Clench your fists
    According to a study at Montclair State University, clenching your right hand for 90 seconds right before taking in a piece of information will help you remember it. Clenching your left hand is believed to help you recall that memory.
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  6. The Mozart Effect
    Whether you're revising or getting your priorities in order, classical music is best to help with mental performance. If this isn't your style, try ambient instrumental music, like soundtracks.
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  7. Smell your memories
    When thinking of something you need to remember, spray an unfamiliar scent, and then again when you want to recall it. It'll help jog your memory. The same works with chewing unusual flavoured gum.

  8. Do something different
    Trying a new cuisine or taking a different route to campus can improve memory. In new situations, your brain assumes it's going to be important so holds on to the memory and anything that happens immediately afterwards... like revising?
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It's normal for things to casually slip our minds, especially when we barely spent any time thinking about them in the first place!

What was it you went upstairs for...?

But, when you do have vital info to remember or are struggling to recall things that you've spent hours going over, use these techniques to help.

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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