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Who's who in your flat family?

By bzellie 08 Nov 2019

Now that you're settled into student life and your new home, you're probably starting to see your flatmates' true colours.

The people you live with are sure to all have their weird and wonderful ways, you might not always LOVE them for it but it's what makes them unique!

Here are just a few of them you have probably come across so far:

1. The Parent

Homesick? Stressed with coursework? Ridiculously hungover? Or just need a hug in general? This is the person everyone goes to for the best advice and just a bit of general pick-me-up.

2. The Hypocrite
Kermit The Frog GIF by Identity

This is the housemate who claims they are over that 'bad' boy/girl who has treated them badly, will go on and on about how much they hate them and will never speak to them again, but next thing you know they are back together again. You won't have heard the saying 'it's their last chance' so much in your life!

3. The Party Animal
 happy fun party excited birthday GIF

They are the ones to instigate the nights out and will NEVER miss a party. There isn't an after-party without them there and they always spend their emergency cash on a round of jägerbombs.

4. The Messy One
Confused Mess GIF by Samm Henshaw

You think, how could they live in that state?! They are always losing things under the amount of clutter they have collected over the term in their room. Not to mention their pile of dishes that have been left next to the sink waiting for someone else to give in and wash them up.

5. The Lazy One

 tired mood lazy fight club GIF
Netflix 'n Chill is their middle name, lectures are a miss and getting up before midday is a huge no-no. Wearing their pyjamas all day and not moving tends to be on their agenda most days. They love everything that requires minimal effort too.

6. The Theif
Sneaky Dog GIF

Things will go missing, but no one will own up to it. You'll have your suspicions but until you catch them in the act, you'll never know. One minute you had a full pint of milk, next there's barely enough there for a cup of tea. Keep an eye out for these if you haven't figured out who it is just yet! 

7. The Anti-Social One
 disney angry mad pixar door GIF

The person you can guarantee you'll only see once a week (if that) because they don't really seem to like anyone in your flat and would prefer to be on their own. They also go home nearly every weekend and avoid the kitchen when you're all in there.  

8. The Foodie
HULU tv snl nbc saturday night live GIF

They're always making food you've never heard of and you're always jealous of their meals compared to your basic pesto pasta. They usually offer to make a family dinner for the flat and that is officially the BEST. DAY. EVER! 

Some flatmates you love and others, not so much. Remember that you are in a position to choose who you live with next year, so choose wisely!

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