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TerraCycle Stationery Recycling Programme

By Estatescomms 25 Jan 2019

Did you know that Swansea University is a BIC Community Champion?

 Used Pens on White Surface

This means that the University acts as a collection point for recycling used writing instrument items which fall within the scheme.  Everyone can drop off their used writing instruments – that’s students, staff and the community!  The items are sent to TerraCycle for recycling and the proceeds go to charity. 

Once collected, the writing instruments are separated by material composition, cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products. 

 So, what can I recycle?

Any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, mechanical pencil, correction instrument (tape and fluid pots), fountain pen or ink cartridge pen.

Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Blue Coloring Pens on White Notebook

 What can’t I recycle?

Pencils, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, sharp objects e.g. scissors

 Where can I drop off my used writing instruments?

Singleton: Collection bin located at the Porters desk in the Library

Bay:  Collection bin located at the ISS Customer Services Desk in the Library

 You can read more about the programme here.

Recycle your used writing instruments today!

Pink Ballpoint Pen on White Ruled Paper

 If you have any queries please contact the Sustainability team.