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Preparing to resit

By ELeyshon 10 Jul 2019

At this point passing is the main aim, so go for it and don’t hold back. This is our advice:

1) It’s not the end of the world – stay positive

Perhaps you’d sailed through the year with and had a vague understanding without overdoing the paperwork so if re-sitting is a bit of a surprise or a cause for concern for you, don’t worry. Remember all you need to do is pass.

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2) ‘I worked last time’
If the content of the exam paper is too complex remember to take as much guidance as possible. What else was happening in your life the last time you sat the exam? Is it possible to avoid them for the time being in order to focus on the exam/exams? Make sure that you know where the exam is taking place in order to avoid last minute panics.

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3) Arrangements

Arrange your resits accommodation here. Where will you stay for the exam period? The University offers accommodation for 3 weeks or more over the summer.
Apply here
If you only intend to stay for a few days you’ll need to arrange bed and breakfast accommodation or similar

You will also need to make further arrangements such as travel. It would be worthwhile for you to be prepared and understand the rules

4) Revision

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 Speak to your tutor where possible and look over past exam papers in order to understand the exact expectations during the exam and understand the requirements. Plan your revision timetable beforehand.

Read the fieldwork and imagine the worst possible scenario that could arise – make sure that you can cope with every type of question. Check whether your exam technique is solid enough. Time yourself answering questions and make sure that it’s possible to gain any marks lost at the last exam this time.
Good luck and we wish you lots of success!

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ELeyshon is is an energetic soul who loves netball. A Welsh speaker who loves welsh cakes! A big thank you to Hannah Vincent for proofing these articles and the Welsh translation team for the translations. Diolch. Caraf bel-rwyd a phice'r man. Mawr ddiolch i Hannah Vincent am wirio a'r tim cyfieithu am eu cyfieithiadau. Diolch.
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