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Meet your Resident Life Assistants

By ELeyshon 10 Sep 2019

Your Resident Life Assistants are a friendly bunch and you’ll find them in all campuses (known  as Welfare wardens at the Bay Campus). They are here to listen to your concerns, offer advice and point you in the right direction.

What do the Resident Life Assistants do?

  • Help with settling in
  • Discussing issues with housemates
  • Having an informal chat about worries or concerns
  • Providing a sympathetic ear to personal matters
  • Offering general advice from an impartial point of view
  • Directing you to where you can get help from other departments

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Hannah Mason

“Come and pop in for a chat” says Resident Life Assistant, Hannah. Hannah loves supporting students and seeing students call in. The team are always glad to see you and if you see one Resident Life Assistant once, you can speak to another or the same Assistant the next time and the matters will be picked up exactly where they left off.

Tips for you from our Resident Life Assistant team

Crucially, don’t let things build up – if you have niggles among flatmates – get it sorted straight away by chatting to the Resident Life Assistant team – it’ll be much easier to sort out like that.

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Richie Stewart

 “Don’t forget a tin opener” says RLA Richie in a friendly tone “and a cork screw!” adds Steve. Steve Jones has been a well-known and established friendly face on campus and as he started at the University as a student, he knows exactly what it’s like. You can pop in for a chat, even if you are not living on campus.

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Steve Jones

This friendly bunch are looking forward to meeting you.

When and where can I find them?

The Resident Life Assistant’s work in the afternoon and you can catch them anytime between 2pm and 10pm at the main campus reception areas:

HSV: House 40 (E-mail:, 01792 295583 or call 85583 from your room phone

Singleton: Preseli reception (E-mail:, call: 01792 295101, 82914 free from your phone)

Beck House: Beck reception (E-mail:, 01792 534043 or 84271 from Blocks D,E,F, and G

Bay Campus: Tower reception 17.30-18.30 at reception (E-mail:, 03001033000/ 07464386653, 18.30-22.30: on duty or around halls. Outside these times, please contact security on 01792 606010



ELeyshon is is an energetic soul who loves netball. A Welsh speaker who loves welsh cakes! A big thank you to Hannah Vincent for proofing these articles and the Welsh translation team for the translations. Diolch. Caraf bel-rwyd a phice'r man. Mawr ddiolch i Hannah Vincent am wirio a'r tim cyfieithu am eu cyfieithiadau. Diolch.
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