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Meet the Team: Delyth Sambrook

By bzellie 08 May 2020

The team are enjoying answering these questions and we hope that you are enjoying getting to know us a little more. Getting to know our community and neighbours is one thing that has struck us during this time of crisis and we hope that as a team we get to know our student community more and that you enjoy getting to know us.

During such strange times of social distancing and lockdown it is easy to feel isolated so do reach out and stay connected. As a team and a university we are still here for you and we are all adjusting in new ways of interacting and keeping in touch. If you want to get involved writing a blog or doing a vlog on your lockdown experience or about something that you are eager to share then please get in touch by emailing

For this week’s meet the team we are getting to know Delyth a little better. Delyth works within the finance department in Residential Services and is someone many of you in accommodation might already know.



Delyth Sambrook

What is your job and department?  

I am a Service Co-ordinator in Finance in Residential Services

How long have you worked at the university?

I started in April 2018

How has the Coronavirus changed things for you in work and at home?

It most definitely has changed a lot. I am working upstairs on a laptop and my husband is downstairs at home with 2 teenage daughters 16 and 17 both at home trying to fill the day productively, catching up on Netflix and daily exercise routines. The house is full and busy with us all being home all day!

What are the biggest challenges for you doing your job during this time?

Firstly, getting the laptop set up with all the necessary applications - this was not easy but I got there! Communicating daily with the other team members online and by phone and ensuring we are delivering the same service as we would in the office has been a huge change.  

Advice and tips for our students at this time?

Stay safe and positive!  Take each day as it comes, it is an experience we all will be talking about for years to come with friends and families. It is uncomfortable but take it in your stride.

What do you miss the most during this adjustment?

I miss visiting my parents and sister (only talking to them through the glass of the house windows) is not the same. I miss meeting up with friends, working face to face with colleagues and seeing students seeing daily when they pop in the office with queries or payments. I guess it’s the interactions with people I miss!

What are the positive you are taking from this time or what positive are you hoping will come out of this?

I definitely will appreciate what I have got, my home, my supportive family, my children, husband and dog. I will appreciate the freedom we have to go shopping, visit beaches, long walks, socialising and catching up with friends over a wine or 2 in the local pub. I think these things will not be taken for granted again.

The positives I am taking from this experience are from around my neighbourhood are that all my neighbours young and old are supportive, waving from windows, checking in on the elderly and sick from a distance and shopping for the ones who cannot get out.  I think it is bringing the community closer together and everyone will be far more friendly and calmer when this has passed.

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