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Meet the Team: Asad Rahman

By bzellie 23 May 2020

The response to these posts has been great and we are really happy that you guys are enjoying them. The team are enjoying putting them together and we hope you are feeling connected to all staff in Student Services. We are here for you and want to help in any way we can.

Today’s Meet the team blog comes from Asad Rahman. Many of you will have met Asad or had contact with him on your student journey if you have used and accessed any of the support offered via CampusLife. 


Asad Rahman

a young boy who is smiling at the camera

What is your job and department? 

Head of CampusLife (CampusLife is part of Student Services within the university).   

CampusLife offers a range of advice based services for students.  We have 5 teams: Community, Faith, International, Money and Welfare.  We aim to help students across all aspects of their life and student journey! More information on what we specifically do can be found on our website:

How long have you worked at the university?  

14 years in total.

How has the Coronavirus changed things for you in work and at home?  

In terms of working from home that brought its own challenges for us in the beginning – getting I.T. to work (!), finding space to set up at home etc.  We’re all settled now though and staying in regular contact with each other and we continue to do most of what we do day to day just in different ways.  Answering as many emails as we get, delivering advice sessions to students, attending meetings across the University on organising new initiatives, and work behind the scenes on developing plans for recovery and the start of a new academic year.  It sure has been busy and lots of learning has been happening!  


I must admit (and many of my colleagues will say the same) we’ve had some incredible weather so being able to enjoy that during the work day has been a real positive.  Whether it’s sitting out in the garden to answer emails or just going for a walk, we’ve all made the most if it (safely following all the guidelines of course J)!  The sunshine has really helped lift spirits!

What are the biggest challenges for you doing your job during this time?  

Our jobs involve so much interaction with people on a daily basis, whether that’s supporting our students or engaging with colleagues across the University on developing something new and exciting.  We continue to do a lot of this but doing it remotely takes some getting used to and has taken a lot of patience. I’m a proper expert on Zoom now and can share my screen and open up mini meetings within meetings and everything.  Oh, zoom, you chased the day away, high noon, the moon and stars came out to play…  sorry I can’t help myself, every time I hear the word zoom LOL J   

Advice and top tips for our students at this time?  

Warning (Plug).  Join our Facebook Homespace page.  It’s full of positivity and activities and general chit chat whilst we’re all on lockdown.  There has been some proper ‘bants’ in there which will provide a good laugh and help with staying at home and any Lockdown fatigue you maybe feeling.    


From me personally my top tips are:

  1. Reach out.  Whether that be contacting family, friends or reaching out to your College Information Team, CampusLife, or other support service – either internal or external to the University.  You are not alone- we are still here and can support you virtually!     
  2. Get out (safely) on a daily basis.  I know it sounds simple but the longer this goes on the harder it can get to motivate yourself.  Stick to a routine of getting out in this lovely weather for exercise daily and make the most of some fresh air.
  3. In your spare time watch Dress to Impress on ITV 2.  I discovered this during lockdown and highly recommend it!  A dating show for fashionista’s J

What do you miss the most during this adjustment?  

From a work perspective we all miss the day to day interaction with staff and our students.  

I personally miss my barber J.  My hair is proper chaos at the moment!

What are the positives you are taking from this time or what positives are you hoping will come out of this?  

Everything as we’re all about positivity here!  One thing we will be taking forward is offering remote services when students and staff return to campus.  We’ve seen the benefits of having our expertise available at the touch of a few buttons so will look to include remote service delivery as part of our future package- this will be exciting to see how this develops in the future and how the service can grow to support our students further!

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