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Is it time for a digital detox

By bzellie 22 Jun 2020

Social media is a massive part of everyday life and in 2020 it is no different. 

It is a pretty big deal and can dominate most of our everyday lives. In the UK the average person picks up their phone 28 times a day, that's nearly every hour, for some people it may be much higher. Most people are aware of the negatives effects social media has on our mental health and checking your phone 28+ times a day can't be healthy. 

Sometimes a digital detox is necessary, have YOU ever thought about taking a break? Consider these factors:

1. Does social media affect your face to face interactions? 

When you're with your friends or family, are you're constantly on your phone? Or is your mum always complaining that you never put it down? If you're struggling to maintain a conversation this could be because your phone is getting in the way, know when to switch off from the virtual world and have real-life conversations.

two friends chatting

2. Does social media affect your self-esteem?

If you find yourself scrolling down Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and it just makes you feel worse and worse, stop. We all have our own insecurities but knowing that people only show the good parts on social media is important. A lot of things online aren't a true representation of someone's life so put your phone down and try not to compare.

person standing in the street

3. Does social media affect your sleep?

Turning off your phone or putting it down can be difficult when you're lying in bed. If something gets you down, it will keep playing on your mind and will stop you from getting a good nights sleep. Try and stick to a routine of going to sleep at a certain time and putting your phone down half an hour beforehand to let your brain switch off and relax.

a laptop on a bed

4. Does social media affect your health?

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media for hours instead of socialising and seeing friends? If you've been at uni and tend to just go home and sit on social media, it is probably not having a good effect on your health. Know when enough is enough. Student Minds have lots of great advice that could help you really look after your health.

a person in a fitness class

If you related to any of those points, then now may be a good time to start limiting the time you spend on your phone. It's so cliche but, you only live once, so enjoy the time you have here and now!

Social media isn't all bad, for some people it can help to express themselves and even help with their mental health. It can also empower people and have a positive effect on peoples lives. You may find talking in groups or posting about your experiences can really help to start a conversation with others, picking up your phone may seem a lot easier than approaching a group of strangers.

a close up of a sign

So whether you feel like you need a detox or not, it is completely up to you. Just remember to live in the moment and to value interactions you have with other people, it's not all about social media.

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