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How to Help the Planet!

By Estatescomms 16 Sep 2019

What's it all about?

With busy schedules, we're eating and drinking more and more whilst on the go. With this comes a lot of packaging - we get through a whopping 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and nearly 3 billion coffee cups every year in the UK!

But lots of this packaging isn’t currently recycled. The good news is, Swansea is now #InTheLoop with recycling on the go, and we're fully supporting the campaign at Swansea University!

Image result for #intheloop

#InTheLoop is a new campaign to boost the recycling of food and drinks packaging in Swansea city centre and on campus. It has been created by environmental charity Hubbub with the support of Swansea University, Swansea City Council, The Environment Centre, Keep Wales Tidy and 16 major brands and local institutions.

There are now 2 new types of recycling bins across Swansea city centre and on campus:

Yellow bins for glass, plastic bottles and cans:

40 new yellow recycle bins have been installed in Swansea city centre, for recycling empty glass, plastic bottles and drinks cans.

 Orange bins for coffee cups:

Image result for orange coffee cup bin

Coffee cups can be recycled but need their own bins. They can go in orange bins, located on the streets and shops. They can also be dropped off at any Starbucks, Caffè Nero, Costa Coffee or McDonald’s in Swansea city centre.

The Wave - by local artist, Wren Miller

Image result for the wave plastic Wren Miller

This sculpture is made from the same the amount of recyclable materials that are thrown away in the UK every 20 seconds! That's scary stuff. So, please, please do your bit - it couldn't be easier. Recycle on campus and when you’re out an about in the city, and help us to help the planet!

The Wave will be at Singleton Campus from 19th September to 29th September.

Find out more about #InTheLoop here.