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Househunting in Swansea: My top tips

By Amandablogger 09 Dec 2019

As a third-year student, I have lived in 3 different types of accommodations which were all a unique experience...

That's why I want to give you an overview of each to hopefully make your decision a little bit easier because I know househunting isn't easy!

Living in HALLS


In my first year of Uni, I stayed on campus like most first-year students. I lived in a flat shared between 8 people but was lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom. We had an even split of guys and girls which meant we never had any drama either - bliss!  


Personally, I would say that living on campus in your first year is the best option because you get to meet so many people outside of your course who will be your friends until you finish uni. 

Living in a HOUSE


In second year, I chose to live with 4 of my flatmates from halls and moved into a 5-bed house and sorted it through a letting agency. We found a nice house very close to the uni in Brynmill which got fitted with a new kitchen before we moved in as well. If you don't ask, you don't get!


We encountered some problems with this house, we had mould and our washing machine broke! 
Tip: Check for online reviews of the agency you are looking to go with for some insight. 


I am currently living in my third property which is a 2-bedroom flat. It's further away from the university and very close to town, which I find helpful when I'm doing my food shopping. This property has been a lot less stressful than last years house because there haven't been any issues - fingers crossed! 


However, living a 25-minute walk away from Uni can be very annoying, especially when it’s pouring down with rain (which as you know, is not unusual).

As long as you live with people who you get on with and who will clean up after themselves (a highly appreciated quality!) you should be happy.

I hope that helped - happy househunting! 


Amandablogger is currently studying Biology in her 3rd year, loves photography and is obsessed with cats.
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