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Staycations to try this winter

By FreshSocial 29 Nov 2018

Not going home for Christmas?

Staying in the UK will be just as fun, especially because there is SO much to get up to here.

Don't feel sad because your flatmates and neighbours are packing to go home for the holidays,  because your British winter staycation awaits! Here are just a handful of things to do:

Visit Christmas markets

If you have friends or family living in other parts of the UK, now is the perfect opportunity to visit them and have a look around their local Christmas market. The markets are always a highlight of the festive season in the UK, so now is the time to celebrate Christmas them.
The best place to go? Winter Wonderland in the capital!


Go on scenic walks

We have some amazing places to walk and enjoy the British outdoors all over the UK. Check out the National Trust and English Heritage because they have some great sites where you can spend the day - even stay over. Get yourself wrapped up and you're good to go - you never know, it might even snow! 
The best place to go? The Yorkshire Dales have lots of beautiful walking routes.


Go visit another city

Now that you've experienced a few months living at FRESH, it's time to expand your horizons and visit the places you've been dying to see! It could be a big city or a small village you saw online before you moved - either way, get out there whilst it's quiet with everyone celebrating Christmas.
The best place to go? Birmingham is the UK's biggest city (besides London) and has amazing attractions, restaurants and places to go shopping.


Go to a theme park

If you've not visited a theme park whilst you've been in the UK, now is your chance. You may need to get yourself wrapped up for the day but it'll be worth it for a day FULL of excitement and fun! Make a real weekend of it and book an Airbnb nearby so that you don't have to worry about rushing home. 
The best place to go? Alton Towers has some amazing rides AND a spa and waterpark too!


Go glamping

We wouldn't recommend camping with a tent and sleeping bag in the middle of winter, but we do recommend trying 'glamping' - aka glamorous camping. You book a 'pod' that has a bed (so you won't have to sleep on the floor), heaters and some even have TVs. You'll need to make your own food, so pack things that are easy to make like noodles, beans and BBQ food. It's a great experience and lots of fun!
The best place to go? The Lake District has lots of choices and you can go on lots of nice walks while you're there.


There are loads of things to enjoy over the Christmas period in the U.K.

All you need to do now is book something! 

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