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There's a new bin in town!

By JordanBrowzer 22 May 2019

A new brown bin recycling service has been rolled out in Sheffield and brings changes to your current service.

These changes make it easier for people to recycle and save money for the city.

The new brown bins were delivered between September & October 2018 along with a collection calendar showing you details of when each bin should be put out for collection.

When your new service starts you'll no longer need your blue box, but you can keep it for storage, take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre, or arrange for it to be collected.

For most people your collection day will remain the same, but only one bin will be emptied each week.

Check out the video above to get the lowdown on collections and how the new recycling service works.

Brown Bin: used for glass, cans & plastic bottles


Blue Bin - used for paper & card


Black Bin - used for general household waste and will still be emptied every two weeks. 

Click here for more info about changes to recycling services in Sheffield.