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Social Sport at Hallam

By JordanBrowzer 21 Sep 2017

Looking for an inexpensive break from your studies that doesn't involve a beer and a takeaway? Fancy trying a new sport, or playing just for fun?

The answer, Hallam Active's Social Sport Program.

We offer over 45 sessions in over 20 different sports, providing you the opportunity to just turn up and play, with no long term commitment from week to week.

It's a great way to get yourself active, have a laugh with your mates and get healthier! The sessions are run by students who are there to coach and support you with whatever you may need, whether you want to learn or perfect a skill, or just need some moral support.

Sports include basketball, badminton, football, dodgeball and LOADS more, check out the timetable.

If you have a Sheffield Hallam Active Membership all sessions are FREE! Sessions cost just £2.50 for non-members.

Check out our Sport pages for more details. 

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