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Rishav's Blog: Easiest ways to move around Sheffield

By SHURishavBlogger 23 Sep 2019

If you are new to the city, below is a quick guide on the easiest ways to move around Sheffield.

Initially, every building I looked at was the same and every street was much like the other. Thankfully Google Maps came to the rescue. You can use it to drive around Sheffield. The public transport tab in Google Maps gives you a precise idea about the bus numbers, routes and stops. If you use the new AR feature while walking, it gives you the street view on your device and guides you with the direction on screen.

Honestly moving around the city is best on foot. Take a stroll down the lanes in a cold breezy atmosphere. When you are on foot, you get to walk past all the British cafes and pubs that might interest you later. If you are keen on exploring the British culture and people, simply WALK. There are some walking routes available on SHU YouTube channel to show you exactly where you are going. The lanes are wide and easy to walk on. Just make sure to press the button at the traffic lights and wait for the green man every time you cross!

Well, you cannot possibly walk everywhere, right? Take the bus. Its network is spread all over the city. You can literally be anywhere you want. The local buses connect you from different places to the university and the city centre. First, Stagecoach and Travelmaster, are the Bus Service Providers active in the city. As a student, you might get a discounted student ticket, popularly known as Unirider at Stagecoach buses. It offers you a bus pass for an entire month or year. If you are carrying your SHUcard, you are entitled to get an additional discount. All you've got to do is walk to the nearest bus stop, there will be a bus time table as well as a digital schedule of bus timings in most of them. As soon as you board your bus, greet the bus driver and let them know where you want to travel, you will then be issued with a ticket. In case the bus doesn't go your way, don't panic, the bus driver will let you know about the bus that you should be taking. Cruise through the city and enjoy an elevated view in these double-decker buses. Just make sure to ring the bell before your stop!


Sheffield Hallam University offers you more. There is a FREE shuttle bus service that links you to the collegiate campus, all you need is your SHU card and you are good to go. Keep a track of the timings and ride for FREE, you can't beat a freebie! When it comes to late-night parties I’d recommend you to take a cab, if you download the Uber app you can a taxi straight from your phone, its probably the safest and quickest way to get home on a late night. You can also take taxis that are available at the Sheffield Railway Station, generally, they are more expensive than an Uber and tend to charge around £5 or more depending on your journey. If you see a city taxi passing by, wave your hand, if they are available they will stop for you, but if that fails, call the city taxi number (01142 393939) and ask for a taxi at your location.

Lastly, the trams. They are scenic, convenient and also an economic route of transport. If you are travelling to Meadowhall from the campus or city centre, preferably go for a tram ride. Treat your eyes with a rich taste of British buildings and art spread all over the city. Ensure to keep your ears open to the announcements of the different tram stops.

Sheffield has one of the best-connected transport networks in the United Kingdom. If you are new here, these would probably be the easiest ways to move around Sheffield.

Have a good stay and try not to get lost. In case you do, Google it!

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