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Let's talk £££!

By JordanBrowzer 24 Jun 2019

At LIV Student we know moving away from home can be pretty costly, juggling bills, food, social life... but what's more important?

That's why we've made it a little easier with these unreal savings!!

  • Scrap paying for that morning commuter coffee and grab your FREE coffee & pastry EVERY morning from our residents café. Our on site café will offer a variety of food throughout the day, vegan products & a juice bar! Who even needs takeaways! Saving = £924 over the year!
  • Gym membership? A thing of the past. Enjoy our FREE on site gym & fitness studio. All-inclusive in your rent, open 24 hours with a wide range of equipment. We'll also be hosting loads of classes in our fitness studio all free of charge 👌 Saving = at least £360!
  • Wanting to learn how to cook that exotic pasta you once tried? We will be offering an array of events in our hosting kitchen, such as cooking classes from local chefs, mocktail/cocktail making and so much more! Saving = priceless!
  • Built on 7 hills, Sheffield has its perks but if you're not a fan of hiking to uni don't worry, we've put on a FREE shuttle bus service for all of our residents. Running Monday to Friday! Saving = not getting wet in the rain PLUS your time!
  • Not a fan of cleaning? WE ARE, that's why all our apartment kitchen's and lounges are cleaned weekly! Saving = your precious time!
  • Wanting to make the most of your university experience? LIV Student will be offering loads of community events and an activity programme for all tenants! We've got everything from cultural cooking nights to wellbeing yoga sessions. Got something you'd like to see/do - drop us a DM on insta and let us know @LIVStudentsheffield. Saving = convenience!
  • Living for that summer getaway but struggling to save the dollar for it? We've teamed up with Beats Travel to bring you an exclusive discount on travel! YAAS - you can thank us later! Saving = 30%!
  • Still think you need money? Fancy earning cash from the comfort of your own bed? Well you can with our EARN scheme. Get paid £250* (limited time only, after 30th June it will be £100!) for every person you refer to book a room at LIV Student. Check it out for yourself here! Saving = endless dollar!