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Let the house hunting season begin!

By VickyBrowzer 27 Nov 2019

House hunting is a very exciting time when you're at uni, and living with your mates is just around the corner...

Well, it could be!

Now that house hunting season has officially begun, we've got some important tips and information for you before you sign on the dotted line. Which reminds us; you will be living in this house for a whole year and once you sign the contract it's not easy to get out of, so choose wisely.

1. Is the landlord accredited?

Whether you go into an estate agent or look online for houses, check if the landlord is accredited by the SNUG scheme. The SNUG scheme approve private student landlords in Sheffield and is ran in partnership with Sheffield Council and Sheffield Hallam. All SNUG approved properties can he viewed here.
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2. What fees do you have to pay?

As of 1st June 2019 letting agents are no longer allowed to charge agency fees, double-check this before you sign the contract. Make sure you are aware of how much your deposit will be as you will need to have this money available straight away.

3. Have you viewed more than one house?

You wouldn't buy the first pair of jeans you saw whilst out shopping, you'd want to look around, find your right size and try them on. It's similar when looking for a house, you want to see what each one has to offer. Having a house checklist is useful so that you know exactly what you want.
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4. How many estate agents have you tried?

As well as viewing a number of houses, go to different estate agents. It may take that little bit of extra time but finding the right house will be worth it in the long run! Each estate agent will have different properties, some better than others and their prices will differ too. Don't forget to check out the properties offered on SHU's private sector listings page.

5. Is the house secure?

When viewing the property, check the level of security in the house. You want to feel safe where you live so that means checking the doors and windows during your house viewing. There may be locks on individual rooms or just a main lock on the front door, ask about this when viewing - it's better to be safe than sorry.
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6. What condition is the house in?

Checking the condition of the property is important, you don't want to have damp, pests, mould or leaks when you end up living there. Make sure you look around each room carefully instead of just sticking your head around the door and saying "yep that looks OK", remember you'll be in this house for a year!

7. Have you asked questions?

When viewing houses, if you have any questions it is better to ask there and then. Don't end up walking away from the viewing thinking 'I wish I asked that'. If some properties don't have things you want or you're not happy with, say something.
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8. Do you have it in writing?

Estate agents and landlords are very good at promising to do things such as redecorating when you are looking around. If they do, make sure that you get it in writing or get it in the contract so that the work gets done. Sometimes they can promise you things just to get you to sign!

Happy house hunting!

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