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Feeling Low? We can Help

By SamBrowzer 16 Oct 2014

Feeling low or stressed? Lost or out of control? Habits you want to kick?

Big White Wall offers safe, anonymous 24/7 support with trained counsellors online at all times. It has a range of self-care resources and effective peer support, which helps people get support, take control and feel better.

Big White Wall has provided support for 36 Sheffield Hallam University students so far this year.Of these new members, 73% are female, 39% lived with friends whilst 28% lived alone. Big White Wall is successfully providing a service for those not engaging with other mental health services; 61% of members have never visited a GP about their mental health and 72% have not seen a counsellor. September saw the highest proportion of male Sheffield Hallam students joining BWW at an impressive 43%. 

Sheffield Hallam University students can access Big White Wall using their student email address on

Staff at Sheffield Hallam University can also refer students directly into the service via BWW Professional.

For more information on Big White Wall, watch this short film above or contact

For password resets or help using BWW Professional, please contact

You can find out more about the support the Wellbeing Team offer, check out their blog.