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Family and Friends can Top-up with SHUcard!

By JordanBrowzer 03 Oct 2019

That feeling you get when you check your bank balance…

 wallet GIF

Fear not - SHUcard allows your family and friends to add funds to your account! Simply, click here to get your family and friends set up. This means they'll be able to add funds to your account anytime!

Plus, if your family and friends top up by £25 or more you'll get extra benefits!  

  • Top up £25 and you'll get an extra 5% in loyalty points, equal to £1.25 - that's a free coffee
  • Top up £50 and get loyalty points worth £2.50, which will buy you an Essentials range sandwich & a delicious piece of homemade flapjack
  • Top up £100 and receive loyalty points worth £5, that's an 8 item breakfast & hot drink and you'll still have change left over!

There you go, sorted - family and friends FTW!

 money swag cash make it rain buy GIF

Keep an eye out for more SHUcard news on SHU Browzerincluding the return of £1 Wednesday later in October!