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Applying for accommodation: FAQs

By JordanBrowzer 02 Mar 2020

Thinking about applying for accommodation at Sheffield Hallam, but not sure where to start?

Before you do anything check out some of these common queries...

When should I apply for accommodation?

As soon as you've received a conditional or unconditional offer, even if we're your insurance choice. Don't wait until after you've received your exam results!

How do I apply for accommodation?

Applications for accommodation are completed and submitted online via our website. You'll need your SHU ID Number (usually found at the top of any emails/letters you've received from Sheffield Hallam) to register.

Which type of accommodation is right for me?

We have two types of accommodation to choose from - university halls or private sector.

Halls are great if you want to make friends and live in the heart of student life. You can choose from 18 halls, all of which vary in size and prices and you'll always know what you're spending - rent includes bills which is helpful for budgeting! Halls are most popular with first year students, although we also have flats suitable for returning, postgraduate and mature students.

Private sector housing is more popular for students in second and third year and is great if you're looking to find your own place, or if you're looking for something away from halls. Don't sign a contract without viewing a property and make sure you take the time to read and understand the contract. We can help you find good quality, safe accommodation that is accredited under our snug scheme.

Am I guaranteed accommodation?

Yes. We offer first year undergraduate students accommodation in on of our halls, or help in finding suitable private sector accommodation. Occasionally high demand means that we can't offer you one of your preferences and if this is the case we'll offer you the next best alternative.

When do I pay my deposit for my accommodation?

You don't have to pay a deposit (or any fee) in order to apply for accommodation.

Upon receiving an offer of accommodation all students will be required to pay a deposit/advance rent payment of typically £250 to the landlord. Please refer to your 'Applications Dashboard' once you have been made an offer of accommodation for further details.

What will be in my bedroom?

All halls are furnished with standard bedroom furniture unless otherwise stated. This includes a bed, wardrobe, desk or workstation and a chair. Not all rooms are en-suite - these facilities do cost extra.

Is there a limit on the time I can live in University halls?

No, you can apply to live back in halls throughout your time as a full time student at Sheffield Hallam. Many of our students decide to return to live in halls in their second, third and fourth years.

I've applied for accommodation - what now?

Accommodation Services will contact you by email to let you know when you have been made an offer of accommodation once you have met the requirements to study at Sheffield Hallam and hold an Unconditional Firm (UF) offer of a place on your course. Please see below as a general guide:

  • A-Level students will be contacted from results day until the end of August
  • Returning students will be contacted from March to mid-August
  • Confirmed UF students (including BTEC and International Students) will be contacted from March to August
  • January/February starters will be contacted from December 2020

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

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