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5 reasons to get a Hallam hoodie

By JordanBrowzer 13 Aug 2019

Here are just 5 reasons why you should go ahead and treat yourself to an official Sheffield Hallam hoodie:

  • 1) Embrace your achievements!
    Whether your joining Hallam as a fresher or coming back after summer, there's lots to celebrate! You've done amazing things to get here, battled through the tough times and come out the other side. Treat yo'self, you've earned it!
  • 2) Show your part of the Team!
    All over Sheffield you can spot your fellow Hallamers with their hoodies emblazoned with the typical H logo design. You just know everyone else is jealous!
  • 3) You'll be toasty warm
    As the winter grows closer you'll be happy you've got something to snuggle up in! Plus they're great if you're feeling a little worse for wear during Freshers' Week.
  • 4) Avoid getting major FOMO!
    Everyone will be wearing one! It's the only acceptable time since your parents dressed you the same as your sibling that you can wear the same as your friends and no one cares! They're also a great memento to keep hold of, even after you graduate.
  • 5) Having a bad day?
    We all have them! Homesick, bad hair day, essay due soon and work coming out of your eyeballs. Relax, pop on your hoodie and all will feel better!