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a dog sitting on a table


For the Love of Dogs : Health benefits of the Canine Companion

By JCooper 26 May 2020

The RGU Student Help Point and ResLife staff have been enjoying the company of their pets since we went into Lockdown and invite you to share your photos and stories of your family pets and how they have helped you get through the last few months. 

Last week we published an article on the health benefits of owning a cat, which was lovingly written by RGU Student Help Point Team Leader, and cat owner, Rachel Grant.  The Student Help Point and ResLife staff team all own pets,  so we thought it was only fair to feature ones of the canine variety this week!

a large brown dog lying on a blanket

It is estimated that 50% of households in the UK have pets, with 26% of households owning a dog (PDSA), which is no surprise seeing as we are known for being a nation of animal lovers.   But what is so special about owning a dog and the bond that can be formed between owner and pooch?  If you have been in lock down with your family dog, you will understand what a lifeline they can be during tough times. 

Health & Fitness

Even the smallest of dogs require daily exercise in order to lead a healthy and balanced life, just like us!  Owning a dog can motivate you to go outside and get some exercise, even if it's pouring with rain or you're not feeling up to it.  A dog could become destructive, or even depressed without adequate exercise and outdoors time, so it is important to take them for regular walks to keep them healthy, and by doing so this will also greatly benefit your health too!  


Having a four legged companion around the house can be excellent company and can be one of the best cures for boredom or loneliness.  The therapeutic benefits of stroking a pet or even just being in the company of one has been well documented.  Although most dogs love getting out and about for their daily exercise, they will also equally enjoy a snuggle on the sofa, and some quiet time with their owners too!


Since being in lock-down, the highlight of many dog owners days has been their daily walk.  Getting fresh air and exercise is hugely beneficial to both owner and dog, but the social aspect of it is important too.  Talking to other dog owners from a distance (2 metres) can be the only human interaction people have in the day.  If lock down has taught us one thing, it is the importance of staying connected (from a distance of course!).  Socialising with other people and dogs is absolutely vital for our dogs well-being too! 

a close up of a dog

RGU Staff Pets : Hall of Fame!

a person standing next to a fence petting a sheep
a person standing next to a dog

ResLife and Student Help Point Manager, Terry Knight's dogs Kodi and Nyko! 

a large green field with trees in the background
a young boy standing next to a body of water

Student Help Point Advisor Jac's Pomeranian called Peggy, out for her walks enjoying the Aberdeen scenery!

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