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Booking in a Group: Student Halls

By JCooper 25 Oct 2018

So you've met new pals this year in halls/ in your Uni class and you're looking to live together next year..?


If you loved the living experience of halls this year and want to stay in halls in 2019/20, there's a load of private companies in Aberdeen who you can book through. 

One advantage to staying in this kind of accommodation is that you can choose to live with your friends in one flat by booking together as a group. 

Some companies even offer discounts or promotions if you book as a group so keep your eye out on their websites or sign up to their mailing lists for more info!

 Here are some companies who advertise a Group Booking Function;

This list is not extensive and please note that it is worthwhile to check with ANY private student accommodation provider if you can book as a group.

Other Info

Similar to RGU accommodation, your lease length can be for for the academic year and will normally be fully inclusive of bills.

Other things to consider: 

  • Total cost for the full lease period rather than just the weekly price.
  • The length of lease you require.
  • What is included in your rent.
  • What represents best value for money.


  •  Your lease is binding for the full period and could result in you paying for accommodation when you don’t need it.
  • If you withdraw from your course for any reason, you would normally still be liable to pay rent for the full duration of your lease.

If you have any questions about renting with a Private Student Accommodation Provider, get in touch with us at