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Battling loneliness at university

By bzbeth 05 Mar 2020

After spending much of January revising and writing assignments, you may have noticed that you've got a bit of extra time on your hands...

But you may not be feeling super positive about this. 

There’s an expectation that you will instantly love the independence of university so if you don't, it might make you feel like the odd one out but this isn't the case. A lot of students admit to feeling lonely at university so it's completely normal. It can be hard to make the jump to a lot of independent studying and even spending time on your own for the first time.

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Social media doesn't always help either. You could be sat in your room with nothing to do whilst on Instagram and Facebook people you know are posting pictures of them and their many friends having the time of their life. Stop. Try not to compare yourself to them because that will lead down a negative path, your priority should be improving how you feel. 

Simple things like getting out of the house, joining societies/sports teams or just speaking to the person next to you in a lecture could really help. It'll help you get out of your typical (and lonely) routine of sitting in your room and not talking to anyone about what you've done that day or how you feel.

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Skipping lectures and seminars won't help either. Sometimes you won't feel up to it and would much prefer to stay at home but it helps you to communicate with your fellow students about your everyday life and you could even start speaking about how you're feeling if you trust them; it would help!

What about when everyone goes home for Easter?

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If you're not leaving for the Easter break, there are little things you can do to make it a little bit easier:

  • It's important to stay healthy because a greasy takeaway will make you feel physically worse as well as emotionally. Cooking will distract your mind for a while and there will be tasty results! 
  • Don't rely on the internet for your interactions. Put the phone down and simply walk down the corridor and speak to someone or head into town and you'll come across plenty of people to chat to. 
  • Talk to someone! The university might be closed but this doesn't mean there aren't people to speak to - your GP or local charities in the area will always to give you that helping hand you need. SamaritansNightline and Student Minds could help or find what support is available in your local area.

There is no quick fix for feeling lonely, but we can help prevent it from getting worse by spotting it and accepting it sooner rather than later.

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