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Yasmin's Blog: Second hand shopping in Edinburgh

By Megan 28 Oct 2016

What’s better than taking a retail therapy after crazy hours of classes and assignments? Nothing.
But being a student we will always have to think of other things to pay like utility bills, rent, phone bills and the list goes on... This is where second hand/charity shops come to the rescue!
Don’t know where to shop? Just in Edinburgh there are a plentiful of charity shops scattered around the city. So last week after googling the shops available, I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, I only got to do charity shop hopping along Nicolson Street.

I went into 5 different shops and here are my thoughts on each:

  • If you start from the very beginning of Nicolson Street from South Bridge, you’ll come across PDSA charity shop first. PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity shop. They have a great selection of items sold from jewellery to knit wears and shoes. There are also interesting knick knacks available.
  • You’ll realise that the next few charity shops are located side by side starting from British Heart Foundation. British Heart Foundation can be found in a lot other places all over UK even in our quaint town of Musselburgh.
    Here, I bought a warm jumper perfect for the season. The big selection of items available are in mint condition and if you are looking for coats and jackets, this shop offers a number of those although I would say there aren’t many to choose from if you are a small size like me (*sigh*).
  • As you move along, you’ll bump into the Barnado’s Shop. This shop offers clothing leaning more towards formal wear. You’ll find a selection of blazers and tops perfect for attending events or meetings. They even had a small bake sale at the corner of the shop the day I went (yum!).
  • Next comes Oxfam which was suggested by a friend of mine to have a look about. Oxfam works in fighting poverty around the world. What I love about this shop is the way they display their clothing which was by colours (it kind of pleases the aesthetic inside of me). I also LOVE the fact that they have a range of stuff for small sizes. Oh, and not to forget the Oxfam bookshop located right beside it. Great selection of books and novels in very good condition and not to mention cheap! (some novels even starts from 1GBP!).
  • Last stop was Shelter. I heard good reviews on Shelter so I had to drop by. This small shop has a vintage feeling to it. The items are really cheap but there aren’t many. I could probably say there are only about 4 to 5 items I found in small size. You would probably love this shop if you love classic items.

What I love about these charity shops is the fact that we won’t feel bad to buy a lot of things as the money goes towards a good cause.

They also have a range of clothing including high end brands but you will need to take a lot of time rummaging through. The only problem for me is that the fact that it’s not easy to find the things I like in my size. Shopping in these kinds of shops you will need to drop by often as they update their items daily. I swear I saw a mountain of clothing in the store room getting ready to be displayed (I was not peeping though, the door was open!).

Do have a go at second hand shopping, you never know what you might find! It definitely worth the time and money.

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