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What you should watch based on your subject area...

By AmyLibrary 01 Jul 2020

By now, you'll have exhausted your Netflix watch list, you'll have blasted through The Simpsons on Disney+ and your Amazon Prime recommendations will be stale. Beat the algorithms and find something interesting to watch by shaking it up! We've got a randomised list of suggestions for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ sorted by your subject area (but not related to it) to twist up your viewing habits! Note: I cannot be held responsible for any trauma or emotional sobbing brought on by any of the suggestions! Always look them up if you're looking to avoid any specific genre or any themes.

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Art Therapy

Netflix: Silence of the Lambs
Disney+: 101 Dalmatians
Amazon Prime: Ready Player One

Business and Management

Netflix: Shutter Island
Disney+: Cinderella
Amazon Prime: Baby Mama

Events Management

Netflix: Reservoir Dogs
Disney+: The Incredibles
Amazon Prime: Suicide Squad


Netflix: The Pianist
Disney+: Finding Dory
Amazon Prime: Get Smart

Hospitality and Tourism

Netflix: Ghost
Disney+: Mary Poppins
Amazon Prime: True Grit


Netflix: Matilda
Disney+: Ratatouille
Amazon Prime: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Human Biology

Netflix: Mouse Hunt
Disney+: Beauty and the Beast
Amazon Prime: Contact

Nutrition and Food Science

Netflix: I Am Michael
Disney+: Aladdin
Amazon Prime: Vacation


Netflix: Dunkirk
Disney+: Lady and the Tramp
Amazon Prime: John Wick


Netflix: Hellboy
Disney+: Dumbo
Amazon Prime: Green Lantern


Netflix: Labyrinth
Disney+: The Good Dinosaur
Amazon Prime: Cape Fear

Arts Management

Netflix: The Martian
Disney+: Holes
Amazon PrimeSilver Linings Playbook

Drama and Performing Arts

Netflix: Blue Velvet
Disney+: Oliver and Company
Amazon Prime: Jurassic Park

Film and Media

Netflix: Blades of Glory
Disney+: Ant-Man
Amazon Prime: The Wolf of Wall Street

PR and Communications

Netflix: Circle
Disney+: The Simpsons Movie
Amazon Prime: Philomena

Music Therapy

Netflix: Spirited Away
Disney+: The Emperor's New Groove
Amazon Prime: The Voices

Art Therapy

Netflix: Funny Girl
Disney+: Muppets Most Wanted
Amazon Prime: Chicken Run

Occupational Therapy

Netflix: Space Jam
Disney+: Bambi
Amazon Prime: Slumdog Millionaire

Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing

Netflix: Dumb and Dumber
Disney+: Frozen
Amazon Prime: Midsommar


Netflix: The Breakfast Club
Disney+: Pinocchio
Amazon Prime: Late Night


Netflix: Jurassic World
Disney+: Robin Hood
Amazon Prime: Vice


Netflix: 1922
Disney+: The Haunted Mansion
Amazon Prime: Green Book


Netflix: Ocean's 11
Disney+: Iron Man
Amazon Prime: Legend


Netflix: Beetlejuice
Disney+: Tarzan
Amazon Prime: Stan and Ollie


Netflix: Hook
Disney+: Up
Amazon Prime: 30 Days of Night

Speech and Hearing Sciences

Netflix: My Neighbour Totoro
Disney+: Frankenweenie
Amazon Prime: The Aeronauts


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