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Timetabling news for our Students

By AlexSandT 23 Sep 2019

Now that teaching has started for 2019/2020 and you have all (hopefully) accessed your personalised timetable, we thought we’d use this opportunity to update you on some of the changes we’ve made to the timetabling process for this academic year (and beyond)...

Based on feedback from Students in previous years, we’ve approached the timetabling process in a different way this year, focusing on making your timetable as robust as possible.

One of the major changes from previous years, is that your timetable is now based on your module enrolments – so if you’re not enrolled on a specific module nothing will appear on your timetable for that module.

The new software we’ve introduced to help with this also makes it easier to problem solve any issues with individual students timetables so we can resolve any issues much quicker than we could in previous years.  This, along with a totally different approach to building the timetable, seems to have worked as we were able to launch the timetable to students much earlier than in previous years, over 4 weeks before teaching began.

Also, now that the timetable has been launched we are striving to avoid making further changes to your timetable which would mean bringing you into University on a day and time you aren’t currently scheduled to attend. If changes like this are unavoidable, we’ve also ensuring you’re informed of the change and the rationale for it being made.

When building the timetable, we’ve also tried to focus, (where possible) on giving you a condensed timetable, maximising your time on campus as well as trying to reduce the amount of large gaps between classes.

All these changes, have hopefully given you a much more robust and accurate timetable, which you can view on the Student portal or the myQMU mobile app.

Lastly, we have added more information on timetables, viewing them and how to book rooms on campus on the timetabling section of the website. You can find this information here.