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Robert's Blog: Bars to visit before you leave

By Megan 13 Apr 2018

So now that classes are pretty much done you are probably thinking about going home and relaxing for the summer. Well! Before you leave you should check some more pubs in Edinburgh. If you want to celebrate handing in your last assignment then check out the following places.

Three sisters

The three sisters is the heart of the cowgate and it always a great party atmosphere about it. Big screens are situated outside as well as food trucks which serve burgers and pizza. While you are munching down on these tasty delights you can enjoy a nice pint which will be at a reduced price thanks to your student discount. Dancefloors on the bottom floor as well as the top floor will ensure that you can dance the night away in one of the best pubs in Edinburgh. You can even do some karaoke to let yourself loose.


A neighbour to the three sisters, Opium is the rock central of Edinburgh. Free entry every night of the week means that it is the perfect place to go even for one drink. While downstairs has more of a typical bar feel to it, upstairs is where you can rock away to all the classic songs you pretend you don't like. Cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere make it a must visit for any student in Edinburgh.

Biddy Mulligans

Situated on the Grassmarket, Biddy Mulligans is a lesser known bar in Edinburgh. Although it is not so popular among students it still creates a great atmosphere. They have live music most nights of the week and offer a very generous student discount. With the bar being situated in the Grassmarket you are sure to meet people from all over the world which makes for a great night out. You will meet people from all cultures who will instantly become your new best friends while you are dancing to the live bands.

The Chanter

On Bread Street you will find the chanter. The giant pub is packed most days of the week with students just like you! With it being close to princes street it serves as a hub to people who want to drink and then move on, however the pub will always play great music which makes people think twice about leaving the great establishment. Seats are situated all around but there is also space for you to get your boogie on.

The City Cafe

The city cafe offers fantastic food and drinks for every customer that comes in. the place is mirrored on an american diner with booths and even a wurlitzer jukebox. If you don't fancy having a drink you can always get an ice cream from their selection. Pool tables are situated at the bottom of the bar and if you don't fancy that then you can always head to the new karaoke bar that they have opened downstairs.

All the work you have down this year means you deserve a night out. Try one of these places to give yourself a great send off for this year. Good Luck!

Megan is part of the QMU Browzer Team
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