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Ridwane's Blog: Your Second Semester Tarotscope

By SarahWhelan 13 Feb 2020

A tarotscopeis a mix between astrology and tarot, a reading of both the stars and the cards. If you are as addicted to symbolism as I am, you are going to love this. At the start of each semester, I am going to interpret the stars through the lens of one tarot card I am going to draw for each sign. You can read both your sun sign and your rising sign for a more complete reading.


You can check out your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign.  Find what they are by checking your natal chart here HERE.


The Ace of Wand is the 'Just do it' card. Reversed, it asks you to rethink a plan first. Setbacks and delays are a sign that you need to take another route. A route around the obstacles you keep facing. Revisit your dreams and your plans. Don't doubt your capacity at any point during this journey. Remember you are not afraid of change. Do what you do best. During the second semester and the rest of 2020, keep innovating so you can JUST DO IT right. 


Try taking a few deep breaths before acting on anything. Energize your body and mind with breathing before taking action. 





Are you resisting the healing you need? Dwelling on negativity? There is so much beauty ahead of you if you push forward. Maybe you are letting your loved ones take advantage of your time and your energy because you are scared of the efforts it takes to heal? But you know this already. You have been thinking about finding a safe place to land for a while now. You're scared it will hurt people around you if you retrieve in your depths, beautiful fish. If it does hurt them, you'll be there, healed, to explain why you needed it too much. Don't worry, everyone has boundaries and this unconditional love you praise so much needs to be given to yourself first. 


Cleanse yourself with a body scrub and warm ginger and lemon in green tea first thing in the morning. Cleanse your space with Palo Santo or sage. 




Beautiful and strong ram, this semester, and all through 2020, the universe is asking you to take responsibility for your life. Have you got used to having your horns stuck in a wall? You have enough space to move them out but you are scared of what would happen if you were not stuck anymore? Remember, living is easier when you are not stuck. This card is asking you to remember healing is not an insult to your pain, it's how you honor it. 


Change your daily rituals into ones that make you happy and more peaceful every day. If dancing in front of the mirror gives you joy, do it! 





The Chariot reminds you that you can steer your life in any direction you want. This is your life. If you feel fulfilled right now, great. If you don't, you can change paths. This semester, and all through 2020, get serious about your long-term goals. Maybe your goals are too vague, and you need to put something tangible in place. Break your biggest dream down into smallest dreams you can work on everyday.  


Write down your intention for the day, or the week. It will help move closer to your dream. 




This semester, and all through 2020, the emphasis is put on the emotional baggage you are carrying around. You are releasing your sense of control over your emotional and inner world and exploring your unconscious energy.  This means stirring up old traumas and it's not going to be easy. Seeking the help of a professional and surrounding yourself with loving people is a good idea this semester. This way you will be able to work on releasing your bad emotional habits in a healthy way. We all need daily structure and we all need to put in the work every day to remind ourselves we want to get better. And in time, you will! 


Sleep. A lot. As much as you can. Does 9 hours of sleep sound crazy? Try it.  





Life has a way of slowing us down sometimes. Forces against our control sometimes challenge us and force us to pause. You might even feel like everything is conspiring against you right now. Or maybe, you realize you have acted careless or made a mistake? This card asks you to be realistic without being discouraged. This semester, and all through 2020, you will realize growth comes from self-awareness. You will improve your ability to show up with integrity in your personal and professional relationships by becoming more familiar with your intimacy and commitment issues. You got this. 


Make a list of the most rewarding personal and professional relationships in your life. Focus on those. Growth also comes from the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  



When the Knight of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it represents an energy that has slowed down, that might be stuck. Beautiful, radiant Leo, during this semester and for the rest of 2020, you are going to be very busy and protecting your time and energy. You are a true hard worker, you now have to make yourself seen. You also know how pervasive work can become. Your anxiety doesn't have to control your day to day life. In 2020, take some time off when you feel it's taking over you. Only think of your own self-being. You matter. 


A long weekend away or indoors with your friends can do wonders and help you tackle all the great work you plan on doing. 





You hold all the tools to make your future brighter, elegant Virgo! This card asks you to focus on your strengths instead of focusing on winning in situations you have no control over. Life has all made us suffer at one point or another but remember you are a survivor, not a victim. The pain is not all there is. What makes you feel alive and creative? This semester and all through 2020, leave the drama behind and turn to the creative outlets you always wanted to try. Take your creative energy seriously. Show up for it to escape the hard times. You are a creative god(dess), dear Virgo! 


Even if it's for five minutes a day, be creative. Maybe pick up a camera and go around your neighborhood. Write a poem. Draw something. Sing in the shower. Express yourself. 


You feel a great urge to escape and travel around, beautiful Libra. You also feel the need to explore your family's history, your childhood, you are wondering what makes you you. When the Temperance card appears reversed in a reading, it represents an imbalance, a disconnection. You are torn between your desire to wander and your need to come back to your roots. This semester and through 2020, you will find balance. What if the journey outward and the journey inward were two sides of the same coin? This imbalance you feel is completely normal and part of the process. Do what makes you happy and take time to travel and spend time with your family. Have fun, chase adventure and come back home to explore your past. Balance is possible if you let go of your need to choose.  


Do you have a totem animal? Even if you don't believe in it, maybe you have a favorite animal. Meditate on what this animal represents to you. Let it guide you when at a crossroad.  




Conflict and challenges are an important part of life, they help us grow. But only if you surround yourself with good energy. This card asks you to make sure the people around you are your allies, that they are far from ego and envy. This semester and all through 2020, protect yourself from bad energies. And one way of doing that is to free yourself from people's whims and their grasp on your time, on your calendar. Get in the driving seat of your daily life. When things get messy around you, just leave or go find your allies. Pick your battles, mysterious Scorpio. Don't let anyone stain your beautiful, mystical energy. And if they try, stay indifferent. They do not deserve your time. 


Do you know what 'cord cutting' means? It is a mediation technique used to cut negative bonds with a person or a situation. Look it up.  




You are ready for your next adventure, courageous Sagittarius! It's time to put the shame and guilt behind you and accept your demons. Don't worry, you won't do it alone. Your second semester and your year will be about partnerships. Adventure is always better with an accomplice, right? When this card appears in a reading, it means we are ready to let go of the illusion that our consciousness is separate from our shadow selves. There is nothing evil about you. Accept all parts of yourself so you can feel free. 


Enjoy some wild fun to celebrate your shadow. Embrace your wild side. Even just for a night.   




Always make sure you are on your own side, clever Capricorn. Make sure your actions are aligned with your deepest desires. This semester and 2020 is all about expansion and generosity. One can't go without the other. But everything in measure, right? When the III of Cups appears in a reading, it means you might be indulging too much in hedonistic pleasures and getting distracted by people, thinking this is what you need to be happy. Are you forgetting your inner work? Wasting your talents? Check in with yourself. There is no harm in having fun but make sure you are your top priority and you are giving yourself as much as you are giving others. 


Schedule some time for yourself. A walk, a weekend away from time to time, an hour to sort your goals out. Do something that helps you get clear with yourself before giving your time to others. 


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