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Post Graduation Options

By SarahWhelan 27 Mar 2020

Whether you've known from day one and had a set route to take, or if your plans have changed as often as your bed sheets, it can be worth taking some time to weigh up your options and seek advice on what your next step after graduation should be.

We've compiled a list of some post graduation options but, it's not exhaustive and there's no reason you can't choose several options!

If you want a bit more advice get in touch with the campus Careers Advisers 

1. Find A Job

This is perhaps the most obvious but can seem elusive. The key is numbers-send out enough (quality) CV's and some will turn into interviews. 

Check out our previous blog for CV Advice or head to a drop in session at Student Services.

When searching, specify 'graduate' to help narrow down the options to jobs most suitable to your experience.

Before graduating it can be worth taking on a part-time job or some volunteering in the sector you wish to work in to show employers you have experience and drive.

2. Do An Internship

Internships are a way of getting your foot in the door and building up your work place experience. People often go on to secure jobs in the same businesses that they had internships with. Interns often have the chance to 'trial' working in several different sectors of a business too.

If a company isn't advertising an internship but you are really keen to work in their sector, contact them directly, they may be impressed by your confidence and initiative. 

Talk to the careers team about finding the right internship for you.

3. Do A Postgrad

They can be pricey or you may even get funded to do one. They are a great way to specialise in your chosen degree and can put you ahead of other graduates looking for the same jobs. 

It is worth investigating the choices of post grads available. There are Masters, PhDs, taught, research based....

4. Go Self Employed

If you have an idea that fills a niche or have been running an online business during studies and want to take it to the next level then now could be the time.

Talk to the BIZ team for advice on getting started.

S'Wheat are QMU based and now look at them!

5. Volunteer

Volunteering during your studies or after graduating is a great way to get experience in roles that you might not have otherwise had access to, it is also a great way to support charities and communities. 

Try and tailor your volunteering to what you are passionate about and perhaps the area you want to work in.

Visit Volunteer Scotland to find opportunities or talk to the Careers Team.

6. Take A Year Out

If you've always wanted to see the world, work a ski season or teach children abroad then now might be the right time. It might be harder to take a year away from work once you are in a job.

Your year out can also be beneficial to your future career (depending on what you do!) 

It can feel like there is a lot of pressure to get straight onto the career ladder and not hearing back from employers can be disheartening - especially after working hard for four years to get your degree - but stay persistent, keep an eye on the jobs websites and keep reminding yourself that you are pretty awesome and sometimes the best job just takes time to find. 

From personal experience I went a bit rogue after graduating and ended up working on a marsh in the Highlands only to end up with a job here at QMU. At times I'd panic, worried that I had gone down the completely wrong route but it all worked out and now I can look back on those marsh days and have a bit of a laugh.


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