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Maja's Blog: how can you reduce your negative impact on the environment?

By Megan 11 Oct 2019

Terms like ‘zero-waste’, ‘veganism’, ‘eco-consciousness’ or ‘climate change’ are really common these days. Did you have any chance to think about why?

We now live in the world of a rapid change and constant movement. Everything is happening so fast, news are coming from every possible direction and we all feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. We don’t know whether what we read, watch or hear is valid or reliable anymore. And I understand that you may not be particularly interested in politics and that is completely fine. I am not either. But if you are supposed to be interested in ONE global issue, that is definitely concerning both your present and your future, it should be the environment and climate change. Because everything that we do now, our everyday struggles, problems and issues of any kind won’t matter if we loose access to water. Or the soil won’t be fertile enough to provide us with harvest. And all of these may happen very soon if we don’t act fast enough to prevent or at least delay environmental changes.

You might ask - ok, so what can I, as an individual, do to help?

Trust me, a lot.

First of all, you need to realise that everything matters. Your every decision – whether to eat meat or not, to buy a coffee in a disposable cup or to use a ‘keep cup’- it all matters and is really significant as it comes to contributing to a bigger picture. Because what we need is not a few people going 100% vegan and zero-waste. We need a lot of people who do a little bit here and there. Who decides to follow ‘meatless Mondays’ and thus reduce their meat consumption? or those who choose not to buy food packed in plastic if they have an alternative? You might decide not to get a new iPhone, computer or camera each time one of these is released to the market and the same goes for clothing and basically everything that is a part of ‘fast fashion’ industry - buy less and wear more!

Did you know that there are several recycling bins all over campus including the Accommodation blocks? Next time you are heading towards the bins to throw away your rubbish, take a second to look at what each bin means and recycle your rubbish properly - every little helps!

By doing so, we make a significant favour for the environment and therefore for our future selves.

Don’t be afraid that changes you make will negatively influence your current lifestyle. Just the opposite, apart from helping our planet, you can also lead a healthier lifestyle and save some money! Eating more plant-based foods, choosing to walk or cycle, doing something productive instead of going shopping – all these factors can improve the quality of your everyday life. Also, if you order a coffee to your own ‘keep cup’ or food to your container, in most of the places you will get a discount! As you can clearly see – there are no cons. 

Did you know that you can purchase 'keep cups' in the QMU shop with then means you get 20p off your coffee purchase in our campus catering outlets - worth it right?!

Also new this summer, we have Just Eat bikes on campus that you can hire on a daily basis. Why drive to 'grab some milk' when you can jump on a bike for less than what it would cost in petrol?

The decision is yours now. Trust me, you will not regret it. After some time you will look back and thank yourself for having done your bit to be greener and more sustainable.

Megan is part of the QMU Browzer Team
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