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8 things to look FORWARD to this Spring

By ResLifeAshleigh 25 Mar 2019

We've all been waiting for the clocks to go forward when the mornings become brighter and it doesn't go dark at 4pm...

Well we are now in touching distance! Spring is officially upon us and even though we will be losing an hours sleep, here's why we should all be looking forward to this time of the year.

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1. Lighter nights and longer days
This is probably one of the most obvious but one that can't come soon enough, especially as no one likes waking up and it still being pitch black outside. Now that we've survived winter for another year, it's all up from here right?

2. Easter break
After all those hectic exams and deadlines it's finally time for a well-deserved break. Two weeks where you can put your feet up and finally binge watch that series you've been dying to watch. Not to mention all those Easter eggs that need eating.

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3. Lent is nearly over...
These last 40 days may have been complete torture depending on what you've given up, but don't worry, the finish is in sight. Now that it's nearly over, you can now plan for the day when you can fully indulge, unless you've now realised you don't need it as much as you thought.

4. Time to put the gloves away 
Resembling an Eskimo tends to be the sort of look people go for in winter, but now the temperature is picking up, it's time for the summer clothes to start creeping out your wardrobe. And yes, it is acceptable to start sunglasses shopping now.

5. Start of the BBQ season 
The smell of BBQ's and freshly cut grass is just something that everyone loves. This is now the perfect opportunity to get your friends together and get those sausages of the barbie. Just remember that we are still in England and the weather can turn at any minute, no one likes soggy buns!

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6. Cheaper fruit & veg 
Did you know that fruit and veg are usually cheaper in Spring and Summer? No? Well, this new piece of information may save you a few pennies going into Spring and Summer. So keep an eye out for offers on asparagus, spinach, watercress, radishes, cauliflower and spring onions.

7. The Royal Baby 
We all loved watching Harry and Meghan tie the knot last summer and this year there is even more exciting news, in Spring they will be welcoming their first Royal baby, another great excuse to celebrate!

8. Game of Throne Final Season 
If you're a big GoT, then you'll probably already know that season 8 is set to premiere in April and unfortunately, it is the final one. This season will consist of six episodes and we are dying to know what Jon Snow's fate will be.

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Just don't forget to put your clock or watch forward on 31st March - you wouldn't want to miss your 9am lecture...

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