Living abroad: How to beat homesickness

By FreshSocial 03 Jan 2017

It's not always as simple as a quick trip back to get rid of that homesick feeling...

But when your home is across miles of water, several hours away, and requires various modes of transport to get there, it is important to keep in mind that there are many others in your situation - and many who have gotten past it!

So, how do you overcome that homesick feeling? Let's take a look!

  1.  Join a club. It's never too late to join a sports club or society. Doing this is great for meeting new people and taking your mind off of the negative. So find a society that involves something you enjoy, or that grabs your attention and get stuck in! 
  2. A taste of home. Recreating 'momma's recipes' can be a fun way to tackle the sadness of being away from home. Introducing these to your flatmates can also help you feel at home in your new surroundings.
  3. Live healthily. Leading a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind which is key to positivity! So go for a walk or for that gym session, and buy some fresh food while you're out! 
  4. Get snap happy. You can't beat a friendly face in difficult times, so put up pictures of family and home friends in your room or on your screensavers to give you that smile you've been missing. 
  5. Leave your room. Venture into communal areas more often to get to know your flatmates and feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Spend longer cooking dinner, go sit at the kitchen table, or take your laptop onto the sofa and chill. 
  6. Get to know home students. Having a good friend base will give you support through good times and bad, and the new culture and language is sure to give you something else to concentrate on.
  7. Schedule calls. Thanks to all the avenues available to us today- Viber, Facetime and Skype, all free via wifi, there's now no excuse to lose contact with home. But time differences can make it difficult, so schedule calls in your free time and stick to them.
  8. What's on? Check out your student union's website for day trips to new cities, club nights out, or other social events. New people and new experiences will make homesickness a distant memory...
  9. Keep on top of things. If you're struggling with your course make sure you talk to your lecturers or student support services. You've made it this far which proves you're capable, so think, 'I can do this!'
  10. Get busy. Try to accomplish something everyday by setting goals. Go to the gym, finish a piece of coursework, read a book... Anything to stop you sitting doing nothing will make you feel less alone.

Giving these a go is sure to help you on the path to overcoming homesickness and embracing your new life at university.

If you still feel like you're struggling or could do with some more help, don't forget that you can contact your Student Support Service! 

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