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Sustainability in Halls

By sophiebk 28 Sep 2020

Reduce your impact on the climate crisis by taking personal action in halls of residence this year through Student Switch Off, a sustainability campaign and competition running at the University, as part of the Halls Sustainability Programme. 

The campaign supports and encourages students to take actions, from saving energy and recycling, to reducing plastic-use and lobbying for bigger changes. The hall of residence that engages best with the campaign over the year will become Student Switch Off Champions and win Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Get involved now!

 How to take personal action in halls as well as win prizes this year:

  1. Save energy by switching off lights and electrical appliances, such as laptops when not in use. In the kitchen only fill the kettle with the water you need (the more you boil, the more energy you use) and put a lid on your pan to cook your food quicker.
  2. Save water by not leaving the tap on unnecessarily and reducing your shower time.
  3. Recycle well by segregating your waste and putting it in the correct bin. Buy items with less packaging where possible too.

Sign up here to be a flat Sustainability Champion or find out more information here

You can find out more about ways to get involved in Life in Halls here.