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Staying in Halls over Easter

By hughero 03 Apr 2019

Reception will continue to be open 24 hours a day over Easter

Please don't forget to;

  • Let reception know that you are staying
  • Be vigilant who enters site
  • Ensure your doors close properly
  • Take extra security precaution

Cleaning Services

There will be a limited cleaning service over the three week break, please let reception know if you are staying so that your bins are collected. 

Melville Grove 

There will be no cleaning service from Friday 19th April (Good Friday) until Monday 22nd April 2019 (Easter Monday) due to Easter break, the service will then re-commence on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

Philharmonic Court

There will be painting starting on Monday 8th in the public areas particularly lift areas. The hours of opening in reception on Friday 19th April and Monday 22nd April will be displayed at reception. 

Buses for Carnatic and Greenbank Student Village

The service at Easter stops on 6th April until the 26th April. So it should start back up on the Saturday they all usually return. 


Greenbank Student Village Gym

There will be reduced hours throughout the three week break for Greenbank gym. 


Meal Services for catered Halls

If you live in Vine Court catered or Carnatic Student Village, there will be limited meal service. 


While you are in Liverpool over a quieter period, why not explore some of our favourite areas of Liverpool?