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RA Advice - Stay stress free during the exam period

By hughero 22 May 2020

It is time for your final exams of the year, hear from one of our Residential Advisers Vaish, on her top tips for staying stress free during the exam period. 

1. Don't skip meals

Skipping meals is very unhealthy during any period of your life. But during exam times, skipping meals can lead to illness, irritability and low energy. Therefore, it's important to eat all your meals and eat them on time. You should time your meals around your study schedule and make sure you eat foods that help you stay energized.

2. Snack healthy

Keep a stock of healthy snacks, like almonds, roasted sunflower or flax seeds, roasted fox nuts, unsalted pistachios or even peanuts in your room. Anytime you feel hungry or drained, just grab a handful of these healthy snacks and gobble them up for an energy boost. Soaked almonds and raisins are even better than raw ones.

3. Eat Fresh

Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can. Make sure you eat freshly prepared meals, made from seasonal fruits and vegetables. These will supply your body with the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and will also help you stay satiated for longer. Avoid eating junk or greasy foods, as they can make you feel heavy and uneasy and break your concentration. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Keep a sipper or water bottle on your study desk and carry it around with you. You might want to add some refreshing mint leaves or lemon slices in your water, to enhance its hydrating properties.

5. Make time for yourself

You don't have to spend every hour of the day studying, if you need a break then take one. Do whatever helps you relax, whether it is a walk outdoors, putting time into your skincare routine or binge-watching Netflix. 




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